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Friday, May 25, 2018

Tiger Woods’ P.R. People Are Geniuses

Not long after I pondered the question why a photo of Tiger Woods would sell for half a million dollars, one popped up courtesy of the National Enquirer. Although it’s low quality and grainy, the photo certainly appears to feature Tiger holding a cup of coffee or tea. Tiger’s heavily stacked P.R. staff flipped out following the release of the photo that was nicknamed “Bigfoot” because it was not the first image of Tiger they wanted the world to see. Tiger’s handlers supposedly wanted to carefully rebuild his image by releasing a happy photo of him with his family. Bigfoot was the last thing they wanted. So what did they do about it? They planted a Tiger look-a-like in front of the paparazzi in Hattiesburg to try and create some doubt:

I really have to give Tiger’s P.R. people tons of credit for coming up with this idea. They know how dumb Americans can be and they know the gullible folks will buy the story that it was really just a guy who looks like Tiger that happens to be at a sex rehab clinic in Hattiesburg. I can’t believe how smart they are and how dumb people are if they buy the story. I guess this is exactly for what Tiger pays the big bucks.

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