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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Charles Barkley Has a Crush on Sarah Palin, So Glen Rice is Now his Hero

Charles Barkley freely admits that he has a crush on Sarah Palin. You may recall this January video of Barkley asking for Tracy Morgan’s opinion of Palin, to which the comedian replied “she’s great masturbation material.” That came up because Barkley was trying to convince fellow TNT analyst Kenny Smith that Palin was hot.

Well Barkley joined the Waddle and Silvy show on Thursday and one of the topics that came up was Glen Rice and Sarah Palin. Barkley could not contain his excitement.

“You know, I have a thing for Sarah Palin,” Barkley stated shamelessly. “I think she’s hot. I wouldn’t vote for her, but she is hot. I’ve always said I’ve got a crush on Sarah Palin.

“When I read that [story] … Glen Rice is my new hero. He’s my new hero. If that story is true, more power to Glen Rice.”

It’s amazing how much his opinion of the Palin-Rice love story differs from Mike Tyson’s given that both men are loose cannons. I guess Barkley’s head is screwed on somewhat straighter than Iron Mike’s, or maybe it’s just that Tyson wasn’t taking his medication Thursday. Whatever it is, Barkley’s crush on Palin has left me with one thought: If God loves the internet, we will one day see a Charles Barkley and Sarah Palin sex tape.

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