Jessica Dorrell and Josh Morgan got married despite Bobby Petrino scandal

Jessica Dorrell Bobby Petrino

Jessica Dorrell and Josh Morgan ended up getting married despite the cheating scandal involving Bobby Petrino.

5 News Online reports that Dorrell and Morgan were married on Feb. 9. They obtained a marriage license through Richland County in South Carolina.

5 News notes that Dorrell is listed on the South Carolina Association of School Administrators website as assistant coordinator of marketing and business partnerships. Her husband, Morgan, is a strength coach at the University of South Carolina.

Petrino was fired as the head football coach at Arkansas last year because of the scandal. Petrino was involved in a motorcycle crash and lied about being alone on the bike when it turns out Dorrell was riding with him. It was later revealed that the two were having a sexual affair and that Petrino hired Dorrell for a position within the athletic department, choosing her over more than 100 other qualified candidates.

While Petrino was fired, Dorrell reached a financial settlement with the school.

It’s not too susprising to hear that Dorrell and Morgan got married; we knew a year ago that they were still engaged and headed to South Carolina together.

Of course we must conclude this post in the best way possible — with the greatest GIF created by @LSUFreek:

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