Kobe Bryant Sued by Prostitute Selina Miller for Not Marrying Her. Seriously.

Every once in a while we come across lawsuits so outrageous we have to post them for the pure entertainment value. It’s not that we think that this is legitimate, or that we really care if it is. If Kobe is guilty of not giving a prostitute a ring as promised it matters little to us. But if she’s going to sue him over it, then we’re going to have a laugh.

Prostitute Selina Miller filed a lawsuit against Kobe Bryant last week saying he breached a marriage proposal to her, according to OC Weekly via Deadspin. From her suit:

“He likes playing games with women more than people know,” said Miller. “I’m upset because he promised me a ring [during one visit], and then some other people influenced him, and I didn’t get it. He thinks he can stop by my house any time he wants to. There are other women, too. One of them got a ring.”

If Kobe has visited her it hardly matters to me. That’s none of my business and I really don’t care. But how funny is it that someone is suing him for allegedly backing out on a promise to get her a ring? Who knows if that’s true, but who sues over something like that? You figure someone would have something better to do, but I guess business must be so bad for Miller that this is her way of trying to get money. We’ve come across many frivolous lawsuits, but this may top them all. Pathetic.

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  • http://twitter.com/SittonRead Charles Sitton

    Some women are just pathetic.  They want money or notoriety and they don’t care how they get it.

  • http://twitter.com/SittonRead Charles Sitton

    Excuse me not just women… people in general

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yup, it really is sad

  • Selina Miller

    Now Larry, I will be the first to say Iim not as beautiful as the alleged wife with no marriage license
    to prove she is married.  However I have been stripped of my righst and dignity through the system.

    I am not a prostitue and have no reason to believe this lawsuit will  finanacial make a impact in my life other
    than I have read my name relating to prostitution on the internet more than 20 times.