Michael Jordan reportedly had fiancee Yvette Prieto sign a prenup

Michael Jordan is engaged to be married once again, but he does not intend to let his wallet take a beating for it this time around. Well, he might be shelling out a small fortune for the arrangements, but it sounds like His Airness will not be giving up half of his bank account and assets if things don’t work out between him and fiancee Yvette Prieto.

According to the National Enquirer, Jordan had Prieto sign a prenuptial agreement. Ideally, that will protect the $650 million fortune he is believed to have.

“Michael loves Yvette, but he won’t let that interfere with his common sense – and his money – like it did before,” a source reportedly told the Enquirer, via The Daily Mail.

That “mistake” the source would be referring to is the reported $168 million MJ’s ex-wife Juanita Vanoy took home when the couple divorced back in 2006. This time around, Prieto will reportedly receive $1 million per year for every year she was married to Jordan if they should split. If the marriage lasts 10 years or more, she will receive $5 million for every year of marriage. A person close to Prieto said she is not concerned about the prenup.

“She feels they have a strong relationship,” an insider reportedly said. “She can’t imagine that they’d ever split up! Yvette knows Michael was once a serial cheater, just like his buddy Tiger Woods. But she believes Michael has sown his wild oats and only has eyes for her now. They’re both very happy and looking forward to the wedding.”

If I was about to marry someone who is worth more than a half-a-billion dollars and I was going to get $1 million per year for every year of marriage in the event of a divorce, I wouldn’t be concerned either. MJ’s neighbors in Florida sound a lot more concerned about having him around long-term than his future wife does.

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  • http://www.weberclean.com/ Kyle-Carpet Cleaning Fargo

    At least he didn’t make the same mistake twice.

  • dan

    how was the 1st time a mistake? They were married 20+ yrs she was with MJ pre Bulls days and they had kids together. She kinda deserved a fat chunk when they divorced IMO. And Im a guy saying this!

  • Hidden Iman

    And how exactly did his ex deserve 168 million? How many championships did SHE win??? How much money did she generate for the marriage? What kind of career did she give up to marry Mike? As Chris Rock said about Johnny Carson’s wife-her job was to F#$$%k Michael Jordon and that’s it. She didn’t have to work, didn’t have to clean, didn’t have to watch the kids if she didn’t want to. It’s a pathetic joke that she got $168 million for nothing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    “She feels they have a strong relationship,” an insider reportedly said. “She can’t imagine that they’d ever split up!

    stupid girl

  • wasbee

    The most expensive woman you will ever be with is your wife. In this day and age planning a wedding is planning to fail. I think everyone should by law have a well written and well thought out pre nupe. It just needs to be fair. I you do not think the other can be trusted run.

  • http://www.facebook.com/web2dot0 Eric Chan

    Are you saying she doesn’t deserve anything for 20yrs of marriage and staying home with the kids while he goes out banging ladies?

    No one told him to marry her. It’s a choice. You do know what right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/web2dot0 Eric Chan

    So he shouldn’t have married her. It’s a choice moron. No one forced him to do anything. Marriage is a CONTRACT.

    So you are saying all housewives are a joke and the husband deserves all the credit? He wouldn’t have succeeded in life if he didn’t have a stable home to come back to. No one succeed on their own. It’s a myth.

  • Hidden Iman

    Hey genius, ever hear of a BAD CONTRACT? I’m guessing that he would have been successful without his anchor somehow. Housewives usually tend to be housewives as a CHOICE. Take a look at statistics, men are not getting remarried nearly as much due to the crappy court system that is purely biased against men. It’s stories like these that give more proof that marriage’s values have eroded and many women use divorce as a jackpot lottery. In this specific instance, she contributed monetarily nothing to the marriage and she get’s paid 168 million for support? That’s a joke

  • SusanElaine Smith

    I feel so sorry for your wife.

  • SusanElaine Smith

    Hidden Iman, like Iman the model. And FYI genius, take a look at statistics yourself: married men live longer than single men. Single women live longer than married women.

  • SusanElaine Smith

    “Serial cheater” and “wild oats.” There are such colorful words for describing men whores.

  • Hidden Iman

    Well Suzy, do yo know why married men die before their wives?-they want to! As for your reply again you probably feel that women are entitled to everything since they are the “fair” sex? I have news, that’s a load of crap. There is nothing fair about the family court system towards a man except the right to pay the ex for the so called privilege of ever having sex with them, and then afterward they still screwed except they aren’t even getting sex….You can spin it any way you want, there is no way Mike’s ex wife “deserved” $168 million dollars. And you can deny it all you want, guys have finally started to recognize that the court system is seriously stacked against them and have started to not get married nearly as much-you can look up the stats if you want to . So yes, a guy will live longer if he’s married but until the court system is reformed and ex-wives can’t hold men in legal extortion called alimony and “child support” the trend isn’t going to reverse. Lastly, my ex is on her 3rd marriage-Once is a happening, twice is an occurrence and 3 times a pattern-So yes YOU sweetheart are the problem!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.schertz.902 Michael Schertz

    Deserve something for 20 years of marriage? She was supplied with a life of total luxury and comfort for those 20 years. No she deserves nothing. And certainly not $200 million.

    It isn’t 1940. Women can work as well for one thing and for another the # of women who stick by their men on the way up and give up everything along the way is almost nil. That is the logic that was applied originally to alimony.

    We should set a ‘value’ on staying home and mothering if we are going to do that and a value on being supported. That way if you are say married to a man who makes $100k a year you perhaps break even when you figure in the ‘value’ of cooking/cleaning/childcare vs room/board/clothes/medical/vacations/sex/etc.

    A woman like MJ’s ex however would be millions in the hole since there is a finite value to those ‘services’ and an infinite amount of money supplied.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.schertz.902 Michael Schertz

    MJ would have succeeded if he was living in a homeless shelter. They myth is that men can’t make it without women. The joke is that women from every walk of life spend their life looking for a man to take care of them and buy them a home so they don’t have to work and can have children and raise them. Then a man supplies all that and women claim their share is… staying in the home they were bought and getting to spend all their time with the kids they wanted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.schertz.902 Michael Schertz

    And we are led to believe it is because there is something magically great about marriage. The reason married men live longer is because men who are the most successful are the ones who women marry. It is a linear relationship between income and marriage levels. The men who don’t get married are less successful and have less money so women don’t marry them.

    Ditto the reverse; women marry LESS the more money the make. So the women who are single tend to be more succesfull.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.schertz.902 Michael Schertz

    They aren’t charging anyone for sex. Meaning they are simply serial cheaters, the same term you’d use for women who cheat serialy. Oh wait that’s right; you’d say they were having affairs.

  • mjs1productions1

    You Go MJ…That’s right…a Prenup……

  • Tincat

    I want to meet the woman who screwed you over so hard it turned you this angry and bitter. She must have been a real piece of work.

  • Eric Chan

    Men also marry woman to “take care of them”. So what’s your point?

    Again, it’s a FREE country. Don’t want pay the money? Don’t get marry. Don’t get into a relationship. Simple. Free will.

    If you are in a marriage thinking “I keep my money and you keep your money”. Just don’t get marry.

    What’s your problem?

    You are free to have as many girlfriends as you want and have as much sex as you want.

    End of Story.

  • Michael Schertz

    Did you actually study logic in college or was that a Learning Annex course we owe the above rambling to?

  • Jorgen_Henreksen

    He’s nuts. Prenup, sure, but with 1 million a year as incentive to stay for up to ten years and 5 million incentive to stay ten or more years, she could still bail on him and get rich. My thing is this- You stay, you live like the queen of all. You bail in under ten? $ 2 Million. You bail in ten or more? $5 million. Not a penny more. Any wench can hang around long enough for a big pay day and act right until she’s ready to get her money and bail.

  • Bam Bam

    “She can’t imagine that they’d ever split up!” … well, at least until that $5 million a year mark is achieved!

  • spockmckoy

    Michael; you NEVER truly know a woman, until you meet her in court……

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  • Jasmin Tu

    you’re a fag..go bomb a kindergarten and rack up at least 40+ bodies to make headlines. teach and spread violence to the kids closest to you.

  • Jasmin Tu

    shaddup bitch

  • Hidden Iman

    As it is said, the women you marry is not the same one you divorce. If they were, you wouldn’t be getting divorced.

  • WhiskeyJunkie

    What a moron! With all that money men like MJ STILL have yet to know misandric system that is against them, and the women that take full advantage of it.

    Some men NEVER learn.

  • SubSumeYou


  • SubSumeYou

    Wow! This is a touchy subject.


    MJ .



  • dsnjd1

    I agree. Simply for what she put up with. A very large chunk.