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Monday, May 21, 2018

Mistress Devon James Shopping Tiger Woods Sex Tape

Just when you thought all the Tiger Woods gossip had come to an end, we have one of the alleged mistresses shopping a sex tape. Devon James told Radar Online that she is in Los Angeles to meet with Vivid to try and sell a 62 minute tape that shows Tiger, Devon, and another girl involved in a threesome. She reportedly wants $350,000 for the video but it’s hard to know if such a video exists.

Is Devon James lying? Is there really a sex tape of her and Tiger? Her credibility has been called into question many times in the past, so it’s hard to know what the real story is. To figure it out, we must go to the tale of the tape:

Why There Might be a Tiger and Devon James Sex Tape

    – Tiger was incredibly stupid with his actions and left a trail. Why should we think he’d be wise enough to avoid filming his escapades?
    – She also has claimed Tiger fathered her 9-year-old son and damn, the kid looks just like him. Maybe they were involved
    – If she’s not selling a video, then what the heck is she shopping to Vivid?

Why There Might Not be a Tiger and Devon James Sex Tape

    – She says the tape will “be the bomb.” Anyone who says “the bomb” automatically loses credibility
    – Does she really have copies of a tape from 2008? Did she know it would be valuable down the line?
    – Judge threw out James’ request for a paternity suit, so maybe she’s full of crap
    – Her own mother says she’s a liar. But maybe she’s just pissed her daughter’s a hooker
    – Another woman claims Tiger fathered her child but maybe she was paid off
    – Maybe she just wants some publicity and money and she’s getting it

Damn, there are good points for each side. I say at this point we have to assume there is no tape until proven otherwise. And if she does release it independently, I’m guessing it won’t be “the bomb.”

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