Picture: Brooke Hundley, Steve Phillips’ Affair Chick on the Side

***UPDATE: Check out pictures of Steve Phillips other affair chick, Rosa Rodriguez

Things are not looking pretty for Steve Phillips who already had a history of infidelity while he was the GM of the Mets. The 46-year-old ESPN analyst had an affair with an ESPN production assistant, Brooke Hundley, that he said lasted three weeks but resulted in the 22-year-old chick stalking him. The New York Post says Hundley even sent a letter to Phillips’ wife, contacted one of their sons through facebook, and that she left several Fatal Attraction-like voicemails. Yikes.

Brooke Hundley Pictures (courtesy of WEEI)

brookehundleybrookehundley2 brookhundley2 brookehundley3

Apparently several affairs while he worked with the Mets didn’t deter his wife, Marni, from the marriage, but this was the tipping point as she’s now suing him for divorce. This makes you wonder what the heck Phillips was thinking. Between him and Steve McNair I’d say these stories serve as strong deterrents for men thinking of screwing around on the side. It’s never a good idea if you’re not being truthful about what’s going on. By the way, this line from Brooke’s letter to Marni is hilarious, “You can see I’m not lying and to top it off Steve has a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thing, so you know I’m not being fake.” No wonder Phillips was giving such bad commentary on Sunday night — he was too busy exchanging hot sex texts all night! No surprise ESPN has nothing about this story on their website.

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  • tucker

    dude, what’s up with that? she ain’t all that…..

    plus tip to all of us old guys. if you’re want something on the side, stay away from the young ones. they don’t get it. use the french rule half your age plus 10.

    that would be a 33 year old for you steve. plenty young if you like that but experienced enough to know the deal. otherwise stay on the porch

  • http://www.lisalesage.com Lisa Lesage

    Well, he played with fire, he got burnt. I mostly feel sorry for his wife !

  • Evan

    Hahaha well said Tucker!

  • http://eagle-w.blogspot.com/ mikl

    Steve played with fire and got burned. What else did he expect ?

  • http://johnrameymusic.com john ramey

    at least we know he’s not shallow

  • Jeff J

    My goodness, she’s horrid looking. I am not sure if guys cheat with ugly girls so if they get caught they can deny it saying ‘I would never bang around with someone that ugly, or Steve was just into ugly short chubby girls.

  • ike

    He’s obviously gay!

  • Teeg

    She is fat and Ugly.. Yuk why would he destroy his family for the like of her?