Minnesota high school goalie Austin Krause suspended 10 games for antics

Farmington goalieAustin Krause is already an internet legend. The Farmington High School (Minn.) senior is the star of a video that has gone viral this week, which shows him throwing an epic fit (video here) and scoring on his own goal to prove a point to his coaches. According to KMSP-TV in Minneapolis, Krause has received a 10-day suspension from the school for his antics.

The puck that Krause put in his own net with 3:13 remaining in the third period tied the game at 2-2. As if the shenanigans weren’t already costly enough, Farmington went on to lose 3-2. On Wednesday, Krause reportedly explained the situation on on his Facebook page, via The Farmington Independent:

“They played this sophomore goalie for the starter, he was terrible, I would try and talk to the coaches about this and tell them I want playing time but they never really listen to me or gave me a chance to show them that I’m a better goalie but still wouldn’t trust me so I had it it with I asked a few of my players if they care if I did it and they didn’t care they thought it would be funny so at the third period they dumped it in I stopped it put in my net started to skate off then flicked the coaches not the team the coaches then I saluted them then got off.”

“My hockey season is over. I did it for myself. (Like my status) if you think the coaches should quit:)”

For what it’s worth, The Independent also pointed out that the sophomore goalie Krause is referring to, Gage Overby, has better statistics than Krause. Krause played 492 minutes in goal and had a record of 5-4-1 and a 2.80 goals against average. He stopped 87.7 percent of his opponents’ shots. Overby played 548 minutes and had a similar record of 5-5, but his goals against average of 2.42 and save percentage of 90.1 were better than Krause’s.

Since Krause is a senior, he likely feels that he should have earned the majority of the playing time even if the two goalies are similar in their skill sets. As City Pages pointed out, Krause also shared a few tweets regarding the matter.

Whether you agree with him or not, Krause made his point. Assuming he’s telling the truth about some of his teammates thinking the own goal would be funny, it’s probably safe to say Farmington’s coaching staff doesn’t have unanimous respect from the hockey team. That is not uncommon in high school sports. Having a goalie score on his own net to tie a game and flip the coaches off, however, is quite rare.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EER6LSC7GD7HEGX3GUV36Z364Q Loyd Braun

    20 years since I roamed the halls of Farmington High and couldn’t be more proud than I am today. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HKNVMWZJKD7XRMJXVMD33MJ3GA Mark

    Austin if your goalie skills are anything close to your grammar skills, you have no business on the ice.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GRT63TPYIQIBHWRXTL74SQEOJE Bret Yeilding

    Why is this moron still on the team? A suspension for this? Who is running the school, his mommy and daddy? He clearly cares only about himself.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3TQQZWJPLWVFXYOKFJ2U7SNRSM Mark

    apparently the other goalie only gave up 1 goal, how bad could he have been.  this kid is a spoiled brat. kick him off the team

  • http://www.facebook.com/geoff.waters.186 Geoff Waters

    Way to prove your point…  What was your point exactly?  That you are a better leader?  A better goalie?  Or just a more deserving person?

    If you were my kid, I’d have come out of the stands and dragged your punk butt back onto the ice to apologize to everyone present.  Mommy & Daddy not there to watch you on Senior night?  Aww, maybe that is what this is really all about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1374611358 Chris Konowitz

    If I’m the coach of a .500 team at the end of the year and my choice is between two players with similar stats, I’m going with the younger kid who can gain some experience for the next two years.  Especially if the senior is as big a pain-in-the-ass, I-only-care-about-myself brat as this kid has turned out to be.  And he’d be kicked off the team.

  • 1Hoss

    What an awesome teammate: loses the game for them because of his little sh*t-fit. I don’t know why they’re even letting him back on the team, I would certainly never put him back on the ice. His parents must be very proud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=45804424 Jeff Hoffman

    “Why is this moron still on the team?” 

    1) He’s a Senior (let me explain…after 12th grade, you graduate and go somewhere else)
    2) It’s the 2nd to last game of the regular season…and doubful Farmington will make noise in sections. 

    Good idea though…

  • mileshark

    All of you “critics” don’t get it! My son played for this moron coach several years ago and put up with the same crap! This kid made a peaceful protest against something he, and many other high school students believe in. High school sports is the last chance most kids will be able to participate in and they should get a chance to do so. Coaches are more interested in wins so they screw over more kids than they help. How many “stars” from high school go on to play in college? Instead of allowing seniors who have stuck with it for 4 years to play, you have egotistical maniacs who claim that these younger players are the future of the team, so we are going to play them. BS!!! I applaud Austin and think he has done nothing wrong. The 10 day suspension should go to the coach, the athletic director and the principal for allowing this crap to go on year after year!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1153663022 Terry A. Boggs

     I agree 100% mileshark. If two athletes are fairly equal then the senior should get more playing time for giving of himself for 4 years. You are right when you say this will probably be his last time competing as most do not go on to play college hockey.

  • tinksmama

    Is it true that Austin’s dad is banned from coaching and banned from attending games?