Boston Bruins Fan Flips Brian Boucher the Bird After he Gets Pulled (Picture)

If it’s not Boston Bruins players flipping the bird, it’s their fans. After Flyers goalie Brian Boucher gave up his fourth goal during Game 3 Wednesday, he was yanked. Naturally a Bruins fan gave him the good old Beantown salute goodbye (uncensored version below):

Just another reminder that Bruins fans (and TV analysts) are hardcore in case you didn’t already know.

For a full video replay of the fans waving Boucher goodbye before flipping him off, head over to Mock Session. For the uncensored photo, see below:

Bruins fans better not get too carried away here. After all, we can all remember what happened last time the Bruins went up 3-0 against the Flyers …

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jaywalett Jason Walett

    Since when is an index finger “the bird”?