Carrie Underwood jabs husband Mike Fisher about being her purse holder

In sports circles, Mike Fisher is known as the hockey player who is married to singer Carrie Underwood. For non-sports fans, he is viewed as the guy who holds her purse as she collects awards and makes red carpet appearances. Underwood decided to humorously remind him about that point over Twitter on Saturday.

Underwood wasn’t going to take that sort of disrespect without a response. He played along quite well:

Underwood concluded, “You know I’m just kidding! I love you!!! Now, someone PLEASE END THE LOCKOUT!”

Hockey fans definitely agree. So must Fisher, who probably isn’t too proud about being supported solely by his wife at the moment. I wonder if they’re among the people who contributed to this business boom during the lockout.

H/T CJ Zero

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  • JamesT32

    Pride?  lol  What man with half a brain wouldn’t trade a rich and beautiful wife for that tired hag they’re dragging around who they’re apparently supposed to be proud to waste all their free time and money on?  Our grandfathers may have been that stupid, but the modern man realizes you can have her spend her time making most if not all of the money and STILL be in control.  There’s no grand reward waiting for your having worked yourself into the grave, gents, so get that antiquated notion out of your heads and lead a sensible, unfettered life that doesn’t include prisons of your own creation.

  • h8r8r

    Way to immasulate your man.  What a bitch.

  • h8r8r

    What kind of person kicks a dog when he’s down?  You don’t need to settle for being Carrie Underwood “unemployed trophy husband” or glorified “purse holder.”  What kind of wife publicly humiliates her husband when he’s going through tough times?  She should be there to love, encourage and support you through the tough times. You can do better.

  • im4everbusy

    Oh, come on people, lighten up!!!   

  • h8r8r

    #iaintsayin’he’sagolddigger   oh but she is.. and she’s sayin’ it on twitter.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UVBXD7Z44FCD7LCCVUBPPC6MSM reen

    oh come on people. it was a pure joke. somebody sent the trophy to her. the article made it sound bad which is not.

  • h8r8r

    Making public, hurtful and emasculating jokes at your husbands expense, when he’s already down and his life and career is on hold… calling him an “unemployed trophy husband,” a “gold digger,” a “purse holder”… does that sound like a joke to you? .  that’s not funny at all.  it’s just mean!   You’re nobody’s bitch, Mike.  Come home to Canada.  We love you.