Ryan Kesler Cries After Canucks Lose Stanley Cup Finals (Video)

Ryan Kesler was overcome by sad emotions after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday night. Much like another key player on a team that recently lost in the finals, Kesler broke down and cried. Here’s a video of Ryan Kesler crying after the Canucks lost Game 7:

Kesler’s likely crying because he’s disappointed. His team blew a 2-0 series lead and a 3-2 series lead and lost the Stanley Cup. Kesler in particular was a no-show. He had four points and was a +4 against Chicago, had 11 points and was a +2 against Nashville, had three points against San Jose, and then he was shutout for six games against Boston. Worse yet, Kesler was a -6 for the series. Roberto Luongo and the Sedins are taking a lot of blame for Vancouver losing, but Kesler should be mentioned in the same sentence. He was one of their top scorers during the regular season and in the early part of the playoffs, but he was a non-factor in the Finals and is a big reason the team lost to Boston.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=877040626 Scott Imbeau

    Gee, that was a balanced article. Nice of you to mention the injury that Kesler had in game 5 of the Conference finals that was obviously making him play below par. It needs to be told by the media for one simple reason, Kesler won’t. He hasn’t complained about it, didn’t talk about it to his teammates or use it as an excuse after Game 7 of the final was over. Say what you will about the guys that just didn’t mentally show up but I challenge you find a player on either team that cared more or tried harder than Kesler did.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Hey Scott,
    That’s a good point, thanks for bringing it up. We don’t like athletes who make excuses and Kesler didn’t. You’re right, that should be included in the story and I will add it.

  • yaella h

    “Kesler’s likely crying because he’s dissapointed” – Ya think??
    He’s the kind of player that’s played with heart and soul throughout the playoffs, and in the finals through what is now becoming clear to be a significant injury. Calling him a no show is factually incorrect. Kesler & Bieksa were arguably two of the most consistent  Canuck players throughout, score or no score. And Kesler has clearly stated that as a team leader responsibility for the loss also lies on his shoulders. If you feel the need to rub it in a bit more, go for it, but as you can see, the guy’s already doing his own soul searching without your assistance. Seriously, cut the man some slack. He’s a brillian player and his passion deserves respect. Why not mention that?