Sean Avery Extends Support for Gay Hockey Players

If we were to tell you an NHL player spoke out in support of gay hockey players, I doubt the first name to come to mind would be Sean Avery. Avery is the guy who smacks goalies in the head with his stick and has unsportsmanlike conduct rules created on his behalf, not the guy who supports a group that is discriminated against.  Or is he?

On Thursday, Avery told the Toronto Sun that he is willing to support any player who is gay and worried about the consequences of coming out and openly revealing his sexual orientation.

“If there’s a kid in Canada or wherever, who is playing and really loves the game and wants to keep playing but he’s worried about coming out, I’d tell him to pick up the phone and call (NHLPA executive director) Donald Fehr and tell him to book me a (plane) ticket,” Avery said. “I’ll stand beside him in the dressing room while he tells his teammates he is gay. Maybe if Sean Avery is there, they would have less of a problem with it.”

Wait, what? Is this the same Sean Avery that referred to his ex-girlfriend as “sloppy seconds?”  I don’t know if I buy it.  If he’s serious, you have to commend Avery even if he is a major d-bag.  I’m sure there are plenty of gay players scattered about professional athletics, and one of the most significant challenges they face is having to keep their sexual preference a secret from their teammates.  Support from uber-heterosexual chauvinists like Avery would probably help influence others to support gay players.

In any event, congratulations to Sean Avery for opening his mouth and not saying something obnoxious.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=578055692 Andrew Nottelling

    No offense, but why do we need to know who is attracted to whom? That is their private life, I am there to watch hockey, not some soap opera. I do not need to know about those who are interested in women, I do not need to know who are interested in men. Just play hockey. I think Avery is either just looking for something else to “shock” everybody with his mouth or he is tired of getting beat up and wants to look like a soft tolerant guy. Besides, I am sure there are plenty of locker rooms where his appearance would get him hurt. :)

  • http://twitter.com/hotbutteredmess teeandgi

    Oh, Please. Sean Avery is just trying to get more attention with this. If a player is gay, I think it probably wouldn’t help if Avery were standing next to you. You’d be better off going it alone in telling your teammates you were gay (if you wanted to do that…although it isn’t any of their business). I guess he feels he’s more gay-friendly because he’s into women’s fashion. Whatever. There have always been gay athletes and there always will be. No big deal. Sean, worry about yourself and your life. As a woman, I find you totally despicable. Why don’t you work on not being a woman-hater and leave the gay hockey players alone. I’m pretty sure they don’t like you either.