Sharks puck bunnies swoon during Tomas Hertl postgame interview (Video)

Tomas Hertl puck bunnies

This Tomas Hertl fella is going to be a killer. A killer goal-scorer on the ice, and a lady killer off of it. I mean this guy is already a heartbreaker.

After the San Jose Sharks 19-year-old rookie scored four goals in Tuesday’s win over the New York Rangers, he was named one of the stars of the game and interviewed by CSN Bay Area. The Czech teenager’s English isn’t very good, but he was able to say enough to make a few Sharks fans sitting behind the glass swoon like a couple of girls in the malt shop listening to a crooner.

Watch Hertl say “this is dream” and make a couple of young ladies absolutely melt:

Video via @cjzero

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  • DERP

    What an absolute load of sensationalist, shoddy writing. To call two 16 year old girls “puck bunnies” is just ludicrous. The guy made a few heartfelt words, the camera was barely on the girls, and they showed his mother and girlfriend in the crowd. This “article” is moronic. And you have NO idea what a puck bunny actually is. These girls are fans.