Tim Thomas slashes Bruin in the head in return to Boston (Video)

Tim-Thomas-Carl-SoderberhTim Thomas faced his former team for the first time on Tuesday night, and it could not have gone worse for the Florida Panthers goalie. The Boston Bruins defeated Thomas and company 6-2 on their home ice. Toward the end of the game, frustration appeared to boil over for the two-time Vezna Trophy winner.

With just seconds remaining in the game, Bruins forward Carl Soderberg was still playing hard and crashed the net following a shot. His stick wound up near the head and shoulder area of Thomas, and Thomas responded by cranking Soderberg in the head with his stick.

“No one was really running into me until the end there,” Thomas said after the game, via Puck Daddy. “Soderberg, the play before, [gave me] a pretty hard jab. It’s 6-2, so I took a little exception to that.”

Soderberg could have been more careful with his stick and more mindful of the score, but it didn’t appear that he was trying to hurt Thomas or hit him in the head. Thomas, on the other hand, clearly knew what he was doing.

“I was just going for the rebound,” Soderberg said. “We can’t stop playing.”

Harvey Fialkov of the Sun Sentinel believes that Thomas could face a suspension for the high stick. You can certainly understand why he was frustrated. All players want to perform will against their former teams, and Thomas couldn’t have been worse. Still, I’d classify that as a cheap shot.

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  • brown

    Claude Giroux — HIV POSITIVE
    I hope that you can help me. I have been sitting on this information for the last 7 months and have had many sleepless nights as I felt this information needed to be shared with numerous people, I just didn’t know how to go about doing it.

    I am a nurse at a large university based hospital system in New York city within the infectious diseases department. Claude Dari Giroux DOB 1/12/88 (yes the ice hockey professional) was a patient of our department for the last thirty two months. He left our clinic about seven months ago as he and the attending physician came to an impass and severely disagreed on one major point. He was referred to us for the treatment of HIV. At the time of his arrival it was noted in his chart that he did not want anyone to know about his disease. The physician accepted this as this is common with many of our patients and he was impressed by his celebrity status. I on the other hand do not follow sports and had no clue who he was. However, as time went on, he discussed having many, many sexual partners whom he did not notify that he was infected, nor did he take any precautions to reduce transmission, such as use of a condom. He refused to give any names of these partners as it would be our responsibility to notify them. Moreover, his profession involves occaional and at times frequent fluid transfer. None of these players are aware of his positive status.

    His most recent visit with us included review of a blood tests and H and P. He stated that he was feeling progressively more tired and was not able to perform up to his usual standard during games. His CD4 count had reduced and conversely his viral load had dramatically increased. His pattern of unprotected sexual intercourse had continued. The physician finally refused to continue taking care of him unless he agreed to notify all previous partners of his status. The patient disagreed. After a long discussion, Mr. Giroux left our office is great haste and did not return.

    My hope in writing this note is that the patient’s previous partners have testing and that further transmission is reduced. I am hopeful that we can make a difference.

    — A very concerned nurse

  • Dirk Smith

    Good for Tim Thomas. Definitely warranted.