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Sunday, April 22, 2018

AHL Hockey Coach Jim Playfair Has Epic Meltdown, Breaks a Stick!

I’ve seen some pretty classic coach’s meltdowns in my day with Braves minor league manager Phillip Wellman and Joe Mikulik coming to mind. Usually the meltdowns happen in the minors because the coaches figure they’re lower profile and there aren’t as many cameras around. That’s true, but these days anything worth seeing (and plenty more not worth a look) winds up on YouTube. And that’s exactly where this awesome meltdown by AHL Abbotsford Heat coach Jim Playfair wound up. Check out the video:

The best parts are when Playfair rips off his shirt as if he’s about to challenge the refs to a fight like he’s Ed Orgeron and the player to his left who has to cover up his mouth with his glove because he’s trying to hide his laughter. In case you were wondering, Playfair’s team lost 4-0. Not that you cared.

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