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Thursday, April 19, 2018

ESPN Buries Mike Greenberg Martin Luther Coon Slipup Story, Apology

ESPN First Take host Dana Jacobson was suspended a week for saying “F*** Notre Dame, F*** touchdown Jesus,” at a roast. ESPN writer Jemele Hill was suspended for comparing the Celtics to Adolf Hitler. Mike and Mike host and big-time ESPN personality Mike Greenberg made a slip up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day where he said “Martin Luther Coon King Jr. …” and all he did was issue a statement apology later in the day and nothing happened? And ESPN buried it on some PR page of the site that nobody ever visits? I think the issue and the apology deserves more prominent placement than it received considering the sensitive matter of the subject.

As someone who broadcasts on the radio, I am quite familiar with slip-ups and screw-ups. I make them all the time and I know exactly what it’s like to jumble words. Even knowing that, I still don’t understand how such a polished sportscaster like Mike Greenberg made that mistake unless he had that derogatory term in his head to begin with. I think it’s wrong that ESPN hasn’t done more to address this “slipup.” If one doesn’t understand the significance of this mistake, maybe you should swap the “M” in Mike’s name for a “K” and then let me know how you feel. I guess Greenberg has built up so much credibility as a respectful, considerate guy that people give him the benefit of the doubt. I normally would but I can’t because I think this is too inexplicable of a mistake to overlook.

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