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Monday, April 23, 2018

Bob Costas is in on the Superman Fortress of Solitude joke

Bob Costas Fortress Solitude

Welp, it’s official: the Fortress of Solitude jokes have reached Sochi.

NBC host Bob Costas began his introduction to the network’s coverage of the Olympics on Saturday with a joke about his eye infection and his studio set looking like Superman’s setup.

“Hi everybody, Bob Costas in Studio A at the International Broadcast Center, a studio some have likened to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude,” he began. “Unfortunately for me, the eye infection is not getting any better, so for the time being, I’m still stuck with Clark Kent’s glasses.”

Short, sweet and to the point. I love how Costas just got it all out of the way quickly and explained what is going on with his eye in a simple line. It’s also great that he acknowledged the Superman Fortress of Solitude joke. Way to show some humor.

And now for a little humor for ourselves. Between the glasses and raised eyebrow, Costas is looking like a James Bond villain:

Bob Costas pink eye

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