Nick Diaz: GSP is a p—y who can’t take a punch

Nick Diaz was back with his dashboard cam-style videos, providing analysis for last weekend’s UFC 154 card while criticizing Georges St-Pierre.

Two videos were published on YouTube Wednesday, but the uploader indicates the videos were recorded Saturday Nov. 17 before GSP beat Carlos Condit in Montreal.

Here’s what Diaz said via MMA Mania:

“Then you look at Georges, like Georges is a f—ing p—y,” Diaz says in the video. “So if he takes a punch from Condit it’s like, ‘what are you gonna do, bro? You can’t take that punch!’ You’ll see Condit come out, boom, boom, and all of a sudden Georges has fallen victim and it’s terrible. Georges can’t take those punches like that. He’s got Freddie Roach in there babying him up, I don’t think he’s doing any serious work with anybody, I don’t think he’s giving anybody any serious work. I don’t think they would be confident having him spar with somebody that’s going to put real punches on him.”

Diaz also analyzed the Condit-St-Pierre fight and talked about the strategy GSP would likely use. His predictions were pretty accurate, though he says GSP’s techniques wouldn’t work on him.

Diaz has been calling out GSP for a while, and the two were actually supposed to fight in February until St-Pierre pulled out with an injury. Nick is currently under a one-year suspension after testing positive for marijuana following his loss to Condit. He will be eligible to fight again in February, and it seems like he’s angling for another chance at GSP.

Below is video of his comments (NSFW language):

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  • salary24

    Diaz is a F$@king idiot. GSP pounded Condit after over a year off. The same Condit that beat up Diaz to get a shot at GSP.  Diaz is so bad for MMA, Dana should give him a lifetime ban

  • salary24

    Maybe he was hih on marijuana ……again! MORON

  • salary24


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4RSLYCRU4QHH6YIQKULLQEPCBQ Thunder

    He’ll grt beat down like condit beat him down.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M27FFLM5CWS4M4CUMYODASZMGA 7_MarvelousSon_2

    That was NOT a beat down by Condit!…Condit did not stand and bang with Diaz..GSP did not stand and bang with Condit… If Diaz fights GSP and GSP doesn’t play the “points game” like Condit did against Diaz…Diaz WILL finish GSP…

  • Justin Gillard

    diaz wont stand a chance against gsp all diaz is doing right now is acting out and trying to pull his best chael sonnen bit by  talking his way to a title match that he dont deserve but dana white and gsp aint trying to hear his dumbass oh fyi if he pulls that bull he pulled with condit gsp would KILL HIM 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OKWKEUG7MS5CZBEZTVG3FIXP3Y playoffbound

    condit didnt pound diaz actually he ran the whole fight.