Paul Daley Punches Josh Koscheck in Cheap Shot After Fight Ends

UPDATE: Paul Daley has been cut from UFC for the cheap shot punch

Josh Koscheck beat Paul Daley by unanimous decision at UFC 113 in Montreal on Saturday night. Daley was so frustrated after the fight ended that he decided he would get in one extra shot on Koscheck. Check out this video of Paul Daley cheap shot punching Josh Koscheck after the bell:

Michael David Smith at Fanhouse says that was the beginning of an ugly postfight experience because Koscheck proceeded to act out as well. Koscheck began taunting the Montreal fans and told them he was going to beat George St. Pierre, their hometown guy.

UFC 113: Josh Koscheck Beats Paul Daley, Then It Gets Ugly [Fanhouse]

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  • Nobrun

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a sucker punch in all of MMA than Josh Koscheck. Thank you Daley.

  • Sucker punches are for worthless douchebags

    You’re an idiot Nobrun. You need the sucker punch. Maybe it will dislodge your head from you arse.

  • Giovanni

    Hahaha…Daley got cut for being what he is “THE REFUSE OF SOCIETY” what a moron – what can u expect from his kind.

  • Tim ALvine

    Paul Daley is the biggest moron in mixed martial arts.. he was given a contender fight, and a chance to coach on the new season of The Ultimate Fighter and the guy can’t keep his cool after getting OWNED?? Come on, that’s weak… people like him don’t belong in the UFC.. such garbage

  • frankie

    i dont believe it . all the hype for this fight was ”what if daley lands that big left hook .” well he landed it . and he had a free undefended clear shot and koscheck just laughed . daley made the stupidest decision in his life but it didnt matter because to get a title hed have to go up against gsp and lets be real , the same thing wouldve happened or worse . we wont miss him . hes another boxer that gets taken down with ease and expects the ref to keep standing him up . looking to the ref to save you aint a good ground strategy so you boxers need to do your homework.