Azerbaijan Pants Rule!

I was watching the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and I was mostly unimpressed. That was until the Parade of Nations began and the Azerbaijans stole the show rocking their awesome pants! Check out these bad boys straight out of the 1980s:

I really have no idea about the significance of the pants other than they must be a cultural symbol but I sure like them. The Azerbaijans don’t even have to win a medal because they’ve already left their mark on the Olympics as far as I’m concerned. Nice going, guys.

Thanks to NBC Olympics’ photo gallery for the hookup. The AP provides another close look at the pants:

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  • Elnara Browers

    Thanks for the article and photos. I am Azerbaijani American and the pants carry no cultural significance, except the culture’s style of “rocking a party”. That made me laugh and I’m proud of them for the attention their appearance has created.

  • SpinMax


  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Pants are overrated.

  • Ismail

    The correct adjective you are looking for is “Azerbaijanis.” As an Azerbaijani, I was alerted to the pants with a flurry of SMS messages from friends. (I was driving, and not watching the Opening.) I guess, my friends thought that there was some secret Azerbaijanis-only voting, or referendum on this, and I surely have prevailed. :) I claim no responsibility. The pants are fun, out-of-the-ordinary, and it takes a really self-confident men and women to wear them. I know, I never could! :)

  • http://www.culturalAmbassador.som Helma

    I saw the opening ceremony and immediately spotted the pants.
    I loved the color and the design. Outstanding and great fun.
    Jacket, Hats and Pants were well co-ordinated.

    Azerbaijan knows how to make a Fashion Statement!

    Continued good luck in the Olympics…

    With best wishes, your friend Helma-Christiane Bloomberg

  • http://gmail camy

    wow i think azerbaijan won the best pants commpitition

  • Samira

    To Elnara:

    So she knows that this symbols have cultural sagnificans…

    To others: this symbol named “buta” which in sanscrit means “fire”! And Azerbaijan is land of fire as all of you may be know. :)

  • Shahla

    The motive is basically “buta”, which many people know as paisley. It is very typical for Azerbaijan. You can see it on carpets, traditional cloths, textile, glass, furniture, even food. :)

  • Parviz

    I am also from Azerbaijan. It’s correct that it’s called “buta”. Thanks to Shahla and Samira for explanations.
    They are showing you a new style with traditional paintings (in color).

  • AZ

    Poor azerbaijani american (Elnara)… what a pitty… the land of hamburgers and banana republica / gap mass production doesn’ have room for “cultural meaning”… на самом деле – ханжество…

  • James

    Nice…! This is very cool! Thinking out of the box – that’s what it is called.

  • Helen

    I want these pants!!!

  • JB

    where the heck can you buy these?!!! I want a pair!

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