Stuart Appleby Drops F-Bomb on CBS

In the middle of the final round of The Masters, Stuart Appleby drove his tee shot straight into the bunker. Needless to say, Appleby wasn't happy about it. Listen in closely to hear Appleby drop two f-bombs under the announcer's voice, and a third right afterwards. You have to listen carefully to catch it.

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  • M. Jartman

    How can you blame him for his reaction to that “near miss.” I would guess that a very high per cent of golfers would make a not-for- publication comment under similar circumstances. Perhaps if the participating golfers weren’t wired for sound this type of problem would not have occurred on Easter Sunday afternoon or any other day.

  • laura

    appleby probably now regrets the word. I try to imagine the pressure of the Masters, its no excuse, but I understand the frustration.

  • ron


  • http://AOL Dennis

    The “F” doesn’t have the same meaning in Australia and England as it does in the states. Pretty much means go hang yourself. Using “bloody” is more serious to our ally’s than the F word.

    Lighten up folks.

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  • Janet Dilorenzo

    Just a release of enormous pressure built up in these contenders and quite understandable. Big deal. Just goes to prove how human they are. On Easter sunday, all is forgiven!

  • RP

    F*@^ all the F%#@%^# F*#@*%#

    I’m absolutely sure I heard one of the announcers clearly state the infamous “elf word” too in another part of the broadcast.

    I did a double take, it was so clear.

  • S. Dean

    The “r: word has now been so overused that it is no longer shocking, which eventually happens to any obscenity. Get over it–it is just a one-syllable word.

  • AH

    This is the first time in 5 years that I’ve missed the Masters…. I’m so sorry I missed it lol, I missed the Janet Jackson incident too…… I’m never blinking again or missing another Masters now, I can tell you that! TRUCK!!!!!!! lol