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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mario Balotelli posed for selfie with two guys who ran onto pitch during match

mario-balotelli-ac-milanThere’s always the uncertainty of what’s about to happen when fans run out onto the field at sporting events. They know what their intentions are, but security and players don’t so it’s a nervous time until the intruders are apprehended.

On Sunday, during a friendly match between AC Milan and Manchester City, two Milan fans made their way onto the pitch at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and headed straight toward Milan’s Mario Balotelli.

There was no need to be alarmed however, the two guys just wanted selfies with the Italian star. And because he’s Mario Balotelli, the member of Italy’s squad at this summer’s World Cup obliged.

AC Milan lost by a final score of 5-1, not that the pitch invaders got to see the match in its entirety because they were taken away by security. They did, however, secure a pretty memorable selfie that will live on forever thanks to the internet, so the day was a success, I suppose.

H/T FOX Soccer

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