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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Nigerian Soccer Captain Accuses Ghana of Using Black Magic Before Game

Ghana beat Nigeria 2-0 in an Under 23 game Sunday, and Nigerian captain Kingsley Udoh thinks there was some funny business going on. Specifically, Udoh says Ghana used black magic against them before the game.

“We had to dress up for the game outside the dressing room because they scattered ‘juju’ (objects of black magic some believe can cause all kinds of harm) everywhere in the room and we didn’t want to touch anything,” Udoh told reporters. “We had to be very careful because the Ghanaians were ready to do anything to win the match and you saw how they attacked us on Saturday. The whole situation affected some of my teammates and we could not play our usual game,” Udoh said.

This is no joke. Udoh seemed genuinely spooked. He really went on about the black magic affecting them.

“We were not in the match because some of us were not able to handle the horrific scenes that we saw when we entered the dressing room. I am not making excuses for our loss but when we made to enter the dressing room, we saw charms and imagine the kind of feelings or fears that could generate for young chaps like us,” Udoh said according to Vanguard.

“There is more to how the Ghanaians attained this win than by playing good football. We are a good team which they also know but on that day, some players I felt were good could not play well. Juju may not be working in sports but the fear of it could disorientate some people and I felt some people lost it to fear because of what they saw in the dressing room”, added Udoh.

The excuse by Udoh may sound wacky, but recall we’ve actually heard similar stories before. Perhaps the Nigerian team could have combated the black magic with some voodoo of their own like this or this.

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