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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Video: Sergio Ramos Drops Copa del Rey, Bus Runs it Over

It could be just me, but I would be lying if I said the “trophy drop” thought doesn’t pop into my head every time I watch a team celebrating a Super Bowl victory. The fact that it never happens, amidst all the chaos and reporters and everything else that is going on, amazes me. That’s why we have soccer. After Real Madrid claimed its first Copa del Rey in 18 years, defender Sergio Ramos dropped the trophy. This wasn’t just any trophy drop, either. Ramos dropped the thing from on top of a parade bus and the bus ran it over. Check out the Sergio Ramos trophy drop video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

The time it took for the trophy to fall from his hands and hit the ground must have seemed like the longest second or so of Ramos’ life.  The real surprising part to me is that some crazed soccer fan didn’t immediately run in front of the bus and grab the trophy.  In fact, it disappoints me a little.

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