Browns RB Dion Lewis: ‘Aaron Hernandez homie snitched on him lol’

Cleveland Browns running back Dion Lewis learned on Wednesday that it is probably best to simply ignore the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation on public forums like Twitter. The subject is a sensitive one, so comments like this are not bright:


Dion-Lewis-BrownsLewis quickly realized he had made a mistake and deleted the tweet, but not before CBSSports.com’s Eye on Football blog was able to capture it. For those who have not followed the Odin Lloyd murder case closely, Lewis was referring to Hernandez’s friend Carlos Ortiz. Ortiz has given investigators several key pieces of information, including informing police that Ernest Wallace (another one of Hernandez’s friends) told him that Hernandez admitted to shooting Lloyd.

In addition, Ortiz also led investigators to an apartment that Hernandez had in Franklin, Mass. where several key pieces of evidence were seized.

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Carlos Ortiz told police ‘other football players’ used Aaron Hernandez’s apartment

Aaron HernandezCarlos Ortiz has been the driving force behind much of the evidence that has been compiled against Aaron Hernandez in the murder of Odin Lloyd, but could the information result in other players being questioned as well? According to the Associated Press, Ortiz told investigators that “other football players” used one of Hernandez’s apartments.

When outlining the timeline of events for investigators, Ortiz reportedly said that he, Hernandez and Ernest Wallace returned a Nissan Altima — the one Hernandez allegedly rented — the afternoon Lloyd was killed. He said he and Wallace then “went to an apartment in the area that Hernandez and other football players used.” After that, Ortiz said he and Wallace drove to Bristol and Wallace told him that Hernandez admitted to shooting Lloyd.

Tom E. Curran of CSNNE.com noted that Ortiz was likely talking about Hernandez’s so-called “flop house” in Franklin, Mass., where authorities seized several key pieces of evidence last week. Curran also pointed out that other New England Patriots players could be questioned because of the information Ortiz gave.

Ortiz was not necessarily referring to Patriots players when he said “other football players.” In fact, there is a growing belief that Hernandez hardly ever associated with any of his teammates unless they were at the team facility or practicing. That being said, investigators have to be thorough. The Patriots may have released Hernandez and allowed fans to exchange his jersey at no cost, but that doesn’t mean they are done having to deal with the problems their former tight end has created.

Carlos Ortiz told police Aaron Hernandez admitted to shooting Odin Lloyd

Carlos OrtizOne of three men arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd told police that Aaron Hernandez admitted to shooting the 27-year-old victim, according to documents released on Tuesday.

Per the Associated Press, documents show that Carlos Ortiz told Massachusetts investigators that Ernest Wallace, the third man arrested in connection with the case, said Hernandez admitted to shooting Lloyd in an industrial park in North Attleborough, Mass. Documents also show that police discovered a vehicle linked to a 2012 double homicide in Boston was rented in Hernandez’s name.

Ortiz apparently did not witness the shooting. He told police that he, Wallace, Hernandez and Lloyd were in a car together the morning of Lloyd’s death. Ortiz told police that the other three got out to urinate, and that he heard gunshots before Wallace and Hernandez got back in the car without Lloyd and sped away.

From the moment we saw Ortiz nearly breaking down and crying in court, it became obvious that he felt remorseful about the situation. It’s not surprising that he appears to be the one cooperating with police in helping them pursue the murder case.

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Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd reportedly partied together two nights before murder

Aaron HernandezWhether Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd or not, the evidence released by investigators on Tuesday afternoon seems to make it clear that the two had contact with one another and hung out together in the days and hours leading up to the shooting. In fact, there are various indications that Hernandez and Lloyd even partied together — hard.

As Dave Altimari of the Hartford Courant noted, police reports say Hernandez and Lloyd were at Rumor night club in Boston together on Friday, June 14 (Lloyd was killed the morning of June 17). Police were told the men got so drunk that night that they never even made it into Hernandez’s North Attleboro home after leaving the club, and instead slept outside.

A worker at Rumor also informed investigators that Hernandez had a handgun visible from his waistband while he was with Lloyd on Friday. The following night, Hernandez and Lloyd had a vague text conversation, which can be seen in its entirety here. Then, in the early hours of Monday morning, Lloyd was killed. An overnight employee at a nearby industrial park is said to have heard the gunshots the morning Lloyd was shot.

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When police spoke to Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins, she allegedly informed them that she last saw Lloyd at about 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 15. That story would seem to coincide with the report that Hernandez and Lloyd had themselves a sleepover on Friday night.

One of the intriguing things about the new information we learned is the inconsistency of the information Jenkins gave police. She reportedly cried when informed that Lloyd had been killed, yet she later claimed to not know much about him. Despite supposedly not knowing much about him, she knew enough to believe he was a drug dealer. To be continued…

Shayanna Jenkins reportedly cried when told ‘drug dealer’ Odin Lloyd had been killed

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins reportedly answered several questions for police officers before Hernandez allegedly called her on the phone and told her to stop. According to police reports released to the public on Tuesday, Jenkins immediately began to cry when she was informed that Lloyd had been killed.

Jenkins told police that Lloyd was dating her sister Shaneah Jenkins, which Hernandez also confirmed when he was first questioned by police. She later claimed that she was not very familiar with him and did not know his family or any of his friends. Shayanna said that Hernandez knew Lloyd through Shaneah, and that she last saw Lloyd on Saturday, June 15 at approximately 10:30 a.m.

Despite telling authorities she was not very familiar with Lloyd, Jenkins allegedly went on to say that she knew he “smoked marijuana and was also a marijuana dealer.” She said she often overheard Lloyd talking on his cell phone about what she assumed were marijuana sales because his phone was constantly ringing and he spoke in “lingo.”

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Hernandez was at the North Attleboro Police department, where he had agreed to go and answer some questions, at the time Jenkins spoke to officers on June 17. Jenkins provided investigators with a cell phone number for Hernandez, which an officer called on the spot and hung up when Hernandez answered.

Another interesting piece of information Jenkins shared with investigators had to do with the surveillance system at Hernandez’s home. She explained how it worked and said that it was recently installed because there had been several recent break-in attempts at the residence.

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Jenkins then told officers that she was unsure who Hernandez went out with the night of June 16 into the early morning of June 17, when Lloyd was murdered. It was at that point that Hernandez allegedly called her on her cell phone and told her that his sports agent said she should not speak to investigators.

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Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd text convo from night Lloyd was murdered is released

Aaron Hernandez PatriotsAaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd clearly knew one another. We have yet to hear Hernandez’s side of the story as his trial has not yet begun, but the details make the existence of some sort of relationship obvious. On Tuesday, investigators released the details of a text message conversation Hernandez and Lloyd had with one another before Lloyd was killed.

The conversation, which police allege took place from the night of June 16 to the early hours of June 17 (the day Lloyd was shot), went as follows (courtesy of Wesley Lowery).

Aaron Hernandez (9:05 p.m. on June 16): I’m coming to grab that tonight u gon be I need dat and we could step for a little again [sic]
AH (9:34 p.m. on June 16): Waddup
Odin Lloyd (9:37 p.m. on June 16): Aite, where.
AH (9:39 p.m. on June 16): Idk it don’t matter but imma hit u when I’m dat way like las time if my phone dies imma hit u when I charge it which will be in a lil [sic]
OL (10:00 p.m. on June 16): Aite idk anything goin on [sic]
AH (10:13 p.m. on June 16): I’ll figure it out I’ll hit u on way
OL (12:22 a.m. on June 17): We still on

Hernandez reportedly did not make contact via phone with Lloyd after that. According to FOX 25 Boston’s Ted Daniel, investigators noted in court documents that “Mr. Hernandez’s demeanor did not indicate any concern for the death of any person.” In other words, Hernandez did not seem rattled by officers informing him that someone who was clearly more than just an associate had been shot.

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In fact, Hernandez and Lloyd reportedly got so intoxicated together at Rumor nightclub a couple nights before Lloyd was killed that they never made it back inside Hernandez’s house.

In addition – and yes I’m completely speculating here — it certainly sounded like Hernandez and Lloyd were intentionally speaking vaguely during their conversation. In the list of items we showed you earlier, you’ll notice investigators allegedly took a small scale and plate from a safe inside Hernandez’s North Attleboro home. Anyone not thinking drugs?

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Items taken from Aaron Hernandez’s home include gun shot residue kit, scale

Aaron HernandezAs expected, authorities released to the public on Tuesday the search warrants and affidavits connected to the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation. The information was made public following a motion filed by several media outlets, including the Associated Press.

Included in the new information was a list of items police seized from Hernandez’s North Attleboro home during their multiple searches of the residence. The Boston Globe’s Wesley Lowery shared two photos of the lists of things police took on June 18 and June 22. During the first search, the day after Odin Lloyd was killed, investigators focused strictly on electronics.


When police returned four days later, a much wider variety of items was taken from the home. Among them was a allegedly a gunshot residue kit, which is used to determine if an individual was involved in the discharge of a firearm.

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