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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez associate police wanted to interview died in car crash

The murder case involving former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez seems to have taken every turn possible, including an unfortunate one over the weekend. An associate of Hernandez whom police wanted to interview concerning the murder charges surrounding the tight end died in a car crash early Sunday, The Hartford Courant reports. Thaddeus…Read More

Aaron Hernandez reportedly kicked out of a bar just a few months ago

Isn’t it interesting how a murder charge is what it takes to make everyone realize that Aaron Hernandez did not appear to be anywhere close to cleaning his act up? Since the New England Patriots drafted Hernandez in 2010, there have been very few — if any — stories about the 23-year-old getting into trouble…Read More

Tim Tebow reportedly tried to break up Aaron Hernandez bar fight in 2007

One of the many “Aaron Hernandez has always been a jackass” stories that surfaced on Tuesday concerns the tight end’s alleged involvement in a 2007 Gainesville bar fight. In the fight, Hernandez reportedly ruptured a bouncer’s ear drum with a punch to the head. The story has been circulating rapidly since the Wall Street Journal…Read More

Aaron Hernandez reportedly denied having any gang ties

If Aaron Hernandez is affiliated or was affiliated with any type of street gang, he is choosing to keep that information from the police. On Monday, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hogson told the Boston Herald that the former New England Patriots tight end told correctional officers that he has never been a member of a…Read More

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