Ana Ivanovic and boyfriend Ivan Paunic already have broken up

Ana Ivanovic Ivan PaunicAna Ivanovic and new boyfriend Ivan Paunic have already broken up, less than a week after the Serbian press publicized their relationship. There is actually speculation that the way Paunic spoke about the relationship publicly was a major turnoff to the Serbian tennis player.

Ivanovic and Paunic, a Serbia basketball player, had been dating for around three months. He took the relationship public when he pulled a Redfoo and started tweeting his support of Ana while she was playing a match in the Kremlin Cup in Russia two weeks ago:

Ivan Paunic tweets

He has deleted those tweets, but they were saved by Telegraf. If you go to Paunic’s Twitter account now, you won’t see any signs of Ana.

After those tweets were exposed and people put it together that the two were dating, Paunic admitted to the press that they were in love.

“I do not like to talk too much in public about his private life and I am grateful to the media that the price of my privacy. I think it’s enough just to say that it is true that we have Ana and I are in love and that we are beatiful. Live, we support each other and that’s enough for now,” Paunic told Serbian outlet Blic Online (via a Google translation).

It seems that his admission of his feelings and allowing the story to become public news served as a major turnoff to Ivanovic. A few days later, Blic reported that the Ana broke up with him.

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Adam Scott and Ana Ivanovic have reportedly split up

Pro golfer Adam Scott and tennis star Ana Ivanovic have reportedly broken up — again. The couple, which is frequently recognized as one of the best-looking duos in sports, has had an off-and-on relationship for the past several years. According to The Telegraph, it was turned off again toward the end of last year.

Scott typically traveled to watch Ivanovic compete when she was in his native country of Australia, but he was reportedly absent while she was competing in the Hopman Cup in Perth last week. One of Scott’s reps declined to comment on the status of his relationship with the Serbian beauty, but The Telegraph cited a source who said the split has to do with the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

“They are both constantly travelling … it was just a matter of geography in the end, really,” the source said.

Scott and Ivanovic got together several years ago before splitting in 2010. A little over a year ago, Scott admitted that the two had begun seeing each other again and said they could make their relationship work if they wanted it to. Now, he’ll likely have even more fans asking him for his number during golf tournaments this year.

Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott Dating Again

There was a time when Ana Ivanovic was the hottest thing on the women’s tennis tour. That was back in 2007 and 2008 when she reached the semifinals of four of five majors. Since then, she hasn’t made it past the round of 16 in grand slams and she’s become mostly forgotten. Well, she’s been forgotten by everyone except Adam Scott.

The golfer told a Norwegiean site that he and Ivanovic are starting to date again after breaking up last year. Here’s a Google translation of his comments:

Scott has just taken up the relationship with the Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic. The pair broke each other a year ago.

“Ana and I have just begun to see each other again,” reveals Scott. “We have found a way to get it working well on. The past has taught me is that if you want anything to work, you’ll get it to work. Without problems.

“Ana is an amazing person. She is the most caring I have ever met. It is rare to meet such people, especially when they are in the position she is.”

Scott reveals that Ana Ivanovic is very down to earth and pleasant to be around. At the same time, she has a great sense of humor and is great fun. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with her.”

Well good luck to both of them. Let’s hope this is a winning formula for Ana who is still trying to regain her form. The good news is she’s at least 20th in the rankings. The bad news is she’s still far from looking like an elite player.

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Ana Ivanovic Was Right, She Is in Excellent Shape for Australian Open

Ana Ivanovic has gone from French Open champion to wild card qualifier, and now she’s trying to work her way back up the tennis rankings. The 23-year-old Serbian is seeded 19th in this year’s Australian Open and said prior to the tournament “I’m in really good shape compared to previous years.” She wasn’t joking.

Ivanovic, who was 20 and 21 years old when she was at the peak of her game between 2007 and 2008, has dropped a little over 10 pounds recently. Watching her first-round match against Ekaterina Makarova, Ana was moving about the court with ease and reaching balls she never used to. She was extending rallies with her footwork, and making her opponent earn every point.

Ana won’t be confused for Michael Chang anytime soon, but she managed plenty of winners and few unforced errors. Best part of all, she seems to have fixed one of the biggest weaknesses in her game — her toss. Instead of hitting erratic serves off bad tosses, she’s now catching her tosses to avoid the bad shot.

Ivanovic’s draw isn’t the easiest — she should win her first three matches before facing Kim Clijsters in the 4th round, but the good news is she appears to be in the kind of shape to get back in the Top 10.

UPDATE: After taking the first set 6-3, Ivanovic lost the next two sets 6-4 and 10-8. She fought back from down 0-40 in two service games in the final set, and fought off five match points altogether. Though she’s in shape, Ivanovic still needs to work on the mental part of her game so she can finish off opponents.

Ana Ivanovic Relegated to Rogers Cup Qualifying in Canadian Home Cooking

83372629MH043_US_Open_Day_2If Ana Ivanovic were a musician, she’d be the equivalent of a one-hit wonder. Since winning the French Open in 2008 (which marked a run of reaching three finals in five grand slams), Ivanovic’s play has dropped off dramatically. Ana posted a losing record the rest of the year after winning at Roland Garros in ’08, falling in the third round at Wimbledon and the second round at the U.S. Open despite being the tournament’s top seed. Ivanovic had a thumb injury in ’08 and has gone through a slew of coaches since but she has failed to regain her form.

Ana did not make it past the fourth round of any major in 2009. 2010 has proven to be an even more miserable year for Ivanovic; she bowed out of the Australian Open and French Open in the second round and Wimbledon in the first. With an 11-12 record on the year, the Serbian beauty’s world ranking is down to 63rd. As a result, Ivanovic can’t make it into most tournament draws so she has to request a wild card from the hosts. Unfortunately for Ana, the people running the show in Montreal are denying her a wild card for the Rogers Cup, forcing her to go through qualifying.

Ordinarily I’d say that Ana has done this too herself and that is the truth. However, it must also be noted that there are three wild cards available for the Rogers Cup draw and it appears as if one is going to 125th ranked Stephanie Dubois, who also happens to be Canadian. Between Dubois and Aleksandra Wozniak, that’s two wild cards going to Canadians. Ivanovic’s poor play speaks for itself this year, but she is ranked twice as high as Wozniak, a former winner in Montreal, and they’re using her in a promotional ad on the tournament’s Web site. You would think they’d find a way to work her into the main draw but obviously that’s not the case. Oh well, looks like she’ll have to earn her way in — something Dubois should be doing.


A humbling decline for Ivanovic [Globe and Mail]

Ana Ivanovic’s Play Sure Has Dropped Off

83372629MH043_US_Open_Day_2For all the time I spent pumping up Ana Ivanovic last year following her win at the French Open, I have to be fair by mentioning how much of a downturn her career has taken since. Since winning at Roland Garros, Ivanovic hasn’t advanced past the 4th round of any major, including a first-round exit this week at the U.S. Open. She battled a thumb injury last year and has endured bouts with a virus and a knee injury this year. Still, even with the typical type of wear and tear most players go through, you figure she would make at least a quarterfinal appearance or two. Her record this year is a miserable 22-13 and she has routinely exited tournaments by midweek. It’s not even about the competition getting better — most of these ladies are players Ivanovic should rip through but ones she’s losing to.

Whether it’s injuries, coaching changes, or a struggle playing with the bulls eye on her back, Ivanovic hasn’t responded well to her success last year. At this point she’s fallen so far and she’s so far removed from her Grand Slam win that the bulls eye excuse no longer applies. I don’t know if she grew complacent with her win, focusing on her vacationing and her new boyfriend because she was pleased she reached the mountaintop, but she needs to regain focus before she becomes a one-hit wonder. This awful streak of constant underachievement is simply disappointing. She needs to turn it around.

All-Hottest Olympians at Beijing Team

By popular demand, we have the All-Hottest Olympians Team. Usually they have the all-tournament teams and stuff, but athletic prowess is not exactly what concerns us in this instance. After all, what else are the Summer Games good for? Anyway, Jimmy Traina at SI Extra Mustard gave us plenty of excellent choices and provided some inspiration for this carefully selected group. Same with Brahsome who put together a hottest 11 Olympians list, and FanIQ’s Olympians that posed in Playboy.

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