Anderson Silva seeing psychologist over broken leg

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva will return to the octagon in January for the first time since breaking his leg on Dec. 28, 2012, in a loss to Chris Weidman.

Though Silva has resumed training and is preparing for his fight with Nick Diaz, he has not overcome all obstacles associated with the brutal injury. Specifically, he is trying to overcome the psychological effects of the injury.

“I feel no pain at all,” Silva said in an interview to Fantastico. “My strength is back because I’m back to training. The hardest part is self-confidence, to kick again as I used to.”

Silva even admitted to Fantastico that he is haunted by the ghosts of the injury and seeing a psychologist to get over it.

“I’ve worked with a psychologist so I can get rid of the ghosts of those horrible moments of that fight, when I had that accident,” Silva said. “I’m a little apprehensive in training. I know I can execute the movement, but I end up not doing it for fear.”

Silva doesn’t believe it will happen again, but he is still worried about it.

“Yeah, I won’t get hurt. I know I won’t get hurt, but fear is natural,” he added. “I don’t want to feel that pain ever again. No way.”

Silva’s apprehension is completely understandable and it’s why many felt the injury would ruin his career. How can he have full confidence and trust in kicking again at full strength after seeing his body fail him last time? The guy will be facing a 13-month layoff as a result of the broken leg. That’s no fun to go through.

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Despite his psychological issues, I still believe Silva will beat Diaz.

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Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz to fight on Jan. 31

Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva and Nick Diaz will be making their returns to the octagon early next year in a highly-anticipated fight against each other, UFC boss Dana White announced.

White says Silva has received medical clearance to fight and is “100 percent healthy.”

The fight will take place Jan. 31 in Las Vegas and will be the main event. The event has not yet been named but could be UFC 183.

White shared a photo on Instagram of him with Silva confirming news of the fight:

“Lunch with the GOAT @spiderandersonsilva and just got the Diaz fight done!!!! #ufc #superfight” he wrote as the caption.

He says both fighters are excited for the fight.

Neither fighter has fought since 2013. Silva is coming off consecutive losses to Chris Weidman and recovering from a broken leg suffered in his last fight. He’ll be returning to the octagon after a 13-month layoff.

Diaz is also coming off consecutive losses. He lost to Carlos Condit in Feb. 2012 and GSP in March 2013. Often hard to deal with, Diaz was staying away from the UFC for what was believed to be disputes over how much he should be paid.

News of this fight should not come as a surprise; last month there were comments indicating both parties want the fight to happen.

Though the fight has two of the more exciting names in the sport, it’s not an ideal matchup. Diaz is well undersized compared to Silva, though he is one of the better fighters around.

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz want to fight

Nick DiazNeither Nick Diaz nor Anderson Silva have fought for quite some time — for different reasons — but they might want to face each other when they do return.

Silva is recovering from a broken leg suffered in his second consecutive loss to Chris Weidman and is likely to return in early 2015. Diaz has stepped away from MMA and is demanding a hefty payday from Dana White to return to the UFC (or at least that’s what we think — it’s so hard to tell with him).

Diaz has expressed interest in fighting only the best competition, and he specifically has said in the past that he wants to fight Silva. Silva apparently wants to fight him as well.

FOX Sports’ Damon Martin says Silva’s manager Ed Soares indicated they are interested in a fight against Diaz. Diaz told “UFC Tonight” that he is also interested in the fight.

Would White put up with Diaz’s antics and flakiness to make this happen? I think he would absolutely. Though Diaz is in a lower weight class than Silva, he holds great name value and would certainly make fans eager to watch. This would be an easy fight to sell. I also like that both would essentially be on equal ground if they fight each other considering they’ve had long layoffs from competition.

Anderson Silva not sure if he’ll ‘be in the mood’ for eight more fights

Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva signed a 10-fight contract with the UFC last year. That was before he suffered a horrific leg injury back in December against Chris Weidman. The former Middleweight Champion has been making great progress since breaking his leg and recently announced that he will fight again next year, but he has eight fights remaining on his contract. Can he actually make it that long?

On Tuesday, Silva expressed doubt over whether he will be able to fulfill his entire contract during an interview with Sportv.

“I have eight fights to do yet in my contract. I want to do all these fights but I don’t know that I will be in the mood to do this,” Silva said, according to a translation from Bloody Elbow. “For now, I’m very excited, I’m going through a renovation phase. It’s going to be nice for me do what I love when I be back to fighting.

Silva turned 39 last month and has fought a ton in his career. He has 39 total MMA fights and has won 33 of them. Obviously, he is no longer at the top of his game. You can call the broken leg loss a fluke, but Weidman also defeated Silva by knockout five months earlier and ended his reign as the longest title holder in UFC history.

Eight more fights means at least four more years. With the way Silva has been going, there is a very slim chance we see him in the octagon eight more times.

Anderson Silva says he will fight again next year

Anderson SilvaAnderson Silva has been cleared to begin training at full force, and he already is planning his return to the octagon.

Silva said in an interview with MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant that he is planning to resume fighting next year. UFC boss Dana White had been saying that Silva could return this year, but the Spider says he’ll be back next year.

Silva also says his leg is back to full strength. He said in the first month after snapping his leg against Chris Weidman that he was in a lot of pain, but his concerns eventually wore off.

Silva turned 39 in April but is still contracted for several more fights with the UFC. Last year he signed a 10-fight contract. We doubt he makes it that far, but it sounds like his career will be back on track before too long.

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Anderson Silva already back hitting pads (Video)

Anderson Silva working outAnderson Silva appears to be making excellent progress in his return from a broken leg.

Silva, who broke his left leg kicking Chris Weidman during a TKO loss at UFC 168 in December (watch video here), is back in the gym and hitting pads. His manager, Ed Soares, posted video on Tuesday of Silva working out with coach Marco Morales.

Silva isn’t exactly bouncing around on the floor nor his he hitting with ferociousness, but that’s still a great sign.

UFC boss Dana White has said that Silva could fight by the end of the year.

Anderson Silva’s manager wants a fight with GSP next

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva has a long recovery period ahead of him after he broke his leg in his rematch with Chris Weidman, but it sounds like he already has his eye on a potential first fight back.

In comments to MMA Junkie, both of Silva’s managers expressed interest in a superfight with Georges St-Pierre when Silva recovers. St-Pierre also happens to be on a break from the sport, but that’s not stopping the managers from dreaming big.

“Don’t you think that’s an option?” Jorge Guimaraes told MMAjunkie about a Silva-GSP fiht.

Silva’s other manager, Ed Soares, also expressed interest in the superfight.

“Man, if we were able to pull something like that off, it would be a win-win for everybody — the fans, the UFC,” Soares told MMA Junkie. “I think that would be awesome.”

St-Pierre (25-2) vacated his title belt last month after beating Johny Hendricks in a controversial split decision. GSP didn’t say he was retiring from the sport, but he said he was taking a break and left open the possibility for a return.

One problem with this scenario proposed by Silva’s team is that GSP has expressed a reluctance to fight Silva. One of his big issues is the size difference between the two; St-Pierre is a welterweight and fights at 170, while the Spider is larger and teeters between middleweight and light heavyweight. Even though the two could meet at a weight in between, I question whether St-Pierre would be interested in fighting Silva. The only thing that might change his mind is the fact that Silva has lost two fights in a row and will be coming off a broken leg.