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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck froths at the mouth after touchdown (Video)

Andrew Luck, you are the latest victim of the CBS slow-mo up-close camera. After throwing for another touchdown in the third quarter of the Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots playoff game, Luck was shown on the sidelines frothing at the mouth. It looked like Luck was just communicating with his teammates, but because he had his…Read More

Andrew Luck and Tom Brady had almost identical starts to their careers

One was a first overall draft pick while the other infamously wasn’t selected until the sixth round, but Andrew Luck and Tom Brady had remarkably similar starts to their careers. ESPN’s SportsCenter showed a graphic of their stats in their first 34 career starts, including the playoffs. The similarity in numbers is striking. Both quarterbacks…Read More

Pat McAfee accidentally tweets photo of half-naked Andrew Luck

Pat McAfee was just joking around when he tweeted a photo of himself conducting a postgame interview in a funny outfit Saturday, but he ended up inadvertently sharing a picture of a half-naked Andrew Luck with the world. “This is how a legend handles interviews boys & girls..Business on the top, party on the bottom,”…Read More

Andrew Luck recovers Donald Brown fumble, scores touchdown (GIF)

Things literally were bouncing the Colts’ way in the fourth quarter of their playoff game with the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. Just as soon as the NBC announcers mentioned that Donald Brown had never lost a fumble in his career, the Colts running back of course fumbled. Luckily the ball deflected off one of…Read More

Andrew Luck blames himself for Reggie Wayne’s knee injury

Andrew Luck took the blame for teammate Reggie Wayne going down with a knee injury during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s win over the visiting Denver Broncos. Wayne went down with a non-contact injury after Luck threw short to him on a 3rd and 1 pass. The short pass caused Wayne to stop abruptly in…Read More

Mike Holmgren: We offered our entire draft to Colts for Andrew Luck

Former Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren wanted Trent Richardson badly enough in the 2012 NFL Draft that he traded three picks just to move up one spot to select the former Alabama star. He would have given up much, much more for Andrew Luck. During an interview with Dave “Softy” Mahler on Sports Radio 950…Read More

Andrew Luck not doing endorsements so he can focus on football

Between video from practice, preseason games, and media conferences, football fans have seen plenty of Andrew Luck over the past month. Fans should continue to see plenty of him during the course of the football season, but one place you won’t see the Colts rookie is in commercials. That’s because Luck made the conscious decision…Read More

Andrew Luck was more focused on Colts playbook than he was on school

After missing OTAs to finish up his degree at Stanford, Andrew Luck on Tuesday finally got back on the practice field with Colts teammates. And according to Luck, he found it hard to focus on his studies during the final few weeks of school. Very understandable. Almost everyone who’s ever been to school can relate…Read More

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