Anthony Davis could be forced to pay big money for ‘Fear the Brow’ trademark

From a business standpoint, it makes perfect sense that Anthony Davis is looking to trademark his unibrow. The more Davis dominated college basketball last season, the more famous his prominent unibrow became. People love the unibrow so much that they are willing to incorporate it into their chest hair, so it would stand to reason that big bucks can be made off of unibrow-related merchandise if Davis becomes an NBA star. The problem is he could have to pay huge money to trademark the phrase “Fear the Brow.”

According to TMZ.com, a savvy businessman named Reid Coffman trademarked “Fear the Brow” last November to use the phrase on merchandise in his Kentucky apparel store Blue Zone. As you might expect, he is not willing to give it up at a discounted price.

“If someone like Nike took this slogan over it could be worth millions,” Coffman said without naming his price.

Coffman is right, and you can’t blame him for wanting to profit from his great idea. The one thing Davis can hope for is that it is determined that the trademark has been created from his persona, which could give him the rights to the slogan without having to pay through the nose for it. What we do know is that the unibrow is here to stay and either Davis, Coffman or both are going to make some serious coin off of it at some point in the near future.

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Anthony Davis trademarks his unibrow

Anthony Davis is known for his unibrow as much as he’s known for his dominant play and incredible shot-blocking ability. The expected No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft also appears to have some business acumen.

According to CNBC, Davis trademarked two unibrow-related phrases earlier this month: “Fear the brow,” and “Raise the Brow.”

“I don’t want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it,” Davis told CNBC. “Me and my family decided to trademark it because it’s very unique.”

We first took notice of Davis’ prominent eyebrow last November during Kentucky’s second game of the season. It just took off from there, especially with Davis dominating on the court.

One Kentucky fan shaved a unibrow into his chest, while others put it on a T-shirt and posters. Davis said in March he was enjoying all the brow attention, and we know his mom was too.

Davis made it clear in April that his unibrow was here to stay. Looks like he wasn’t kidding; He knows a good business opportunity when he sees one.

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Anthony Davis is embracing all of the unibrow attention

Along with being probably the best all-around college basketball player in the nation, Anthony Davis also has a tremendous sense of humor. If he was bothered by people making fun of him, he could always just pluck between his eyebrows. Instead, Davis has allowed the unibrow to become a symbol of success for Kentucky’s run to the Final Four. In fact, he enjoys the attention his facial hair (right?) has received.

“I just embrace it,” Davis said Thursday according to The Dagger. “The fans enjoy it and the signs are everywhere now. They’ve been making everything out of it. I’ve even seen a baby with a unibrow on Twitter. So these fans are nuts, but I love it.”

Fans have come up with some fantastically creative — and disturbing — ways to pay tribute to the brow. Heck, even Davis’ own mother has gotten in on the act. Throughout the tournament, Davis has encountered some memorable experiences thanks to the unibrow. One day in Atlanta, he was even approached by a young girl in the team’s hotel.

“She got on her knees and bowed down to me like I was a king and said, ‘Bow to the Brow.’ She was like 5 or 6,” Davis said. “I just started laughing.”

The way Davis has embraced the heckling is an inspiration to children everywhere. If you’re getting made fun of for the way you look, just become nasty at basketball and lead your team to a Final Four. If you do that, people learn to embrace your imperfections.

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Kentucky fan shaves Anthony Davis unibrow into his chest (Picture)

We already know Anthony Davis‘ mother is down with her son’s unibrow, so now we know what his male relatives should be doing. That chest hair unibrow may be nasty, but we give the fan an A+ for his creativity. Well done, sir.

Here’s what the real Anthony Davis unibrow looks like in case you haven’t seen it.

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Anthony Davis’ mom wears a unibrow mask (Picture)

Now that’s what I call a proud mama. The Anthony Davis unibrow has become a symbol of success for the 2011-2012 Kentucky Wildcats, who are a team that many experts believe will cut down the nets at the beginning of April. On Sunday during the SEC Conference championship, Davis’ mother decided to get in on the fun by busting out the unibrow mask to rag on support her son. Vanderbilt was able to pull off a major upset and win the SEC title, so Mrs. Davis may want to put the mask away for the NCAA Tournament.

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Kentucky Freshman Anthony Davis Has a Mean Unibrow (Picture)

Kentucky freshman forward Anthony Davis is already proving he may be one of the best young players in the country. The 6’11” youngster from Chicago is shooting 76% through two games, and averaging 18.5 points, 8 rebounds, and 5.5 blocks. Unfortunately it’s not his stellar play that will get people talking, but rather the batwing above his eyes.

Yes, Anthony Davis is one of the few athletes in college basketball to proudly wear a full on unibrow. We don’t know if he’s been doing it his whole life, if it’s a fashion statement, or if it’s the product of a bet. All we know is that it’s distinguishing. And if that’s the way Davis wants to keep his eyebrows, he should wear it proudly.

But before you get too carried away, I caution you to recall Binghampton’s Tiki Mayben, whose unibrow put Davis’ to shame.

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