76ers fan gets 2015 NBA champs ass tattoo


Has there been a power shift in the Eastern Conference now that LeBron James has returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Somewhat, but one Philadelphia 76ers fan doesn’t think it’s enough to prevent his team from winning an NBA title next season.

As Deadspin pointed out, some whacky Sixers fan recently thought it was a good idea to get a “76ers 2015 NBA champs” tattoo. Unfortunately, this isn’t just any tattoo — it’s an ass tattoo. Click below the jump if for some reason you want to see the real deal:

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Nebraska fan gets Cornhuskers logo tattoo on his butt after lost bet (Picture)


Another day, another tattoo on someone’s ass as a result of a lost bet. We see this all too often nowadays, but for some reason it seems to retain its shock value. The latest victim participant of this disturbing trend is a gentleman named Andrew Dillon, who as you can see got the Nebraska logo tattooed on his hind quarters.

Dillon shared a slightly more revealing photo of the tattoo (which can be seen here) on his Twitter account to silence the doubters. He later informed our friends at Black Sports Online that the tattoo was the result of a lost bet, and provided some details about the bet to Larry Brown Sports.

“(The bet) was whether or not I could take a girl home from the bar,” Dillon told LBS. “Which, of course, I didn’t.”

Does he regret that he has a Nebraska logo permanently on his rear end now (unless of course he wants to pay big bucks for laser removal)? Not even even a little bit.

“No regrets at all,” he said. “First and only tattoo and it’s the Huskers, which I love. It’s the only tattoo I’ve ever considered.”

Whether it be a tattoo of Dirk Nowitzki, the Bill Walsh coaching tree, the score of a Texas A&M-Alabama game, or a Nebraska “N,” it’s obvious this ass tattoo thing isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Lord help us all.

Eagles fan got a ‘Fire Andy’ Reid tattoo on his butt (Picture)


Andy Reid was a good coach for many years in Philadelphia, but his final few years were difficult for fans to endure. One particular Eagles fan now has a permanent reminder of how bad things got under Reid.

On Dec. 17, three days after the Eagles lost at home 34-13 to the Cincinnati Bengals to fall to 4-10, a Twitter user who goes by @De_Bow72 sent a tweet promising to get a “Fire Andy” tattoo on his butt under one condition.

“If this gets 500 retweets I legitimately will get “Fire Andy” tattooed on my ass,” the user wrote.

You know how the rest of the story goes. In less than 24 hours, the fan’s tweet was retweeted over 500 times.

The fan actually made good on his promise, got the tattoo, and posted a picture of it on Twitter last week.

The baffling part about all this is that it was pretty much common knowledge that Reid was a dead man walking for the better part of the season. It was no secret that the Eagles weren’t going to stand for missing the playoffs again given all the money they have spent over the past few seasons, and Philly was out of the hunt from about Week 10 on. Still, the fan blamed Reid’s poor coaching for his new ink.

“Andy Reid owes me an apology. If he didn’t coach like such s— this year I’d have a tattooless ass,” the fan wrote.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a crazy sports fan has decided to express his enthusiasm by getting a tattoo on his ass. People like this Mavericks fan and this Texas A&M fan are far too easy to come by.

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Texas A&M fan gets ass tattoo of final score after win over Alabama (Picture)

Texas A&M shocked the college football world on Saturday when it came way with a road victory against No. 1-ranked Alabama that included a goal-line stand to seal the game. The photo you see above was posted on Reddit over the weekend, and according to an Outkick the Coverage reader the rump actually belongs to an Aggies fan.

If you’d like to see a more hairy and disturbing photo of the tattoo, click here. The victim of the lost bet is named Calvin N., and it turns out Calvin is the victim of a lost bet. At first we thought this had to be a Crimson Tide fan since Texas A&M won the game, but apparently Calvin is one of those pessimistic fans that likes to bet you his own team has no chance of winning just so he’s not disappointed. His roommates said they would pay him $100 if he turned out to be right and Bama won but that he would have to get an ass tattoo of the final score if Texas A&M won. The rest is history.

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Radio Guy Gets Tattoo of Bill Walsh Coaching Tree on His Butt (Picture)

Craig Harless, a former intern and current call screener for the Don Geronimo Show on KHTK in Sacramento, got the above tattoo on his bum in exchange for tickets to watch the 49ers lose to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game Sunday.

Harless made the mistake of letting Geronimo decide on the design. The show host opted for the Bill Walsh coaching tree.

Here’s the awesome (evil) part: the “Bill Walsh” part of the tattoo starts on the lower back like a tramp stamp. The rest of the names (Steve Mariucci, Jon Gruden, Mike Holmgren, Dennis Green, George Seifert, Brian Billick, Mike Shanahan, and Andy Reid), are on the butt cheeks.

The tattooing took five hours and was aired on Friday’s show. They’re getting some play from the stunt and I have to say, the tat is pretty damn funny, but come on, if you’re going to make someone go through all that, you gotta give him a better prize. When this guy got a radio show logo tattooed on his butt for playoff tickets, the design was much smaller. For that hideous thing, I think Craig deserves season tickets for life.

Thanks to Hot Clicks for sharing the story.

Mavs Fan Derick Dilday Got Dirk Nowitzki’s Face Tattooed on His Butt

Wanna know a secret to getting a spot here on LBS? Do something really radical with permanent ink on your body and you’re guaranteed a mention. That’s how this Steelers fan made it on LBS — he got a tattoo of Brett Keisel across his forearm. Same thing with the Canucks fan who lost a bet to his friend and got a Bruins tattoo on his leg.

Well this crazy Mavericks fan named Derick Dilday ended up with a Dirk Nowitzki tattoo on his butt after saying he would do so. Here’s his story according to the Dallas Observer via Deadspin:

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Rob Dibble’s Ichiro Ass Tattoo

On Thursday’s PM edition of Hot Clicks at SI, Jimmy Traina linked to a story about Nationals broadcasters Rob Dibble and Ray Knight getting into a disagreement on air. I thought the disagreement (regarding Stephen Strasburg’s two-strike pitches on Wednesday) was rather petty and exacerbated by Dibs. While that story was only semi-entertaining, it reminded me of an even better Rob Dibble story Jimmy linked to last year that I never before shared. This may be old, but it’s too damn good to pass up. Check out this transcription of an exchange between Dibble and Bob Carpenter during a Nats telecast last year:

Dibble: OK, you carry Ichiro’s initials around on your butt the rest of your life.

Carpenter: Wow.

Dibble: You never heard that bet that I lost?

Carpenter: No!

Dibble: Yeah, when he first came over here I was poppin’ off on another radio show about ‘Oh, he’s not gonna be good, blah blah blah, our pitchers are gonna be better than him.’ And he went out and got 242 hits, hit .350, won the batting crown, was Rookie of the Year. So, I lost the bet and now I have Ichiro’s name and number tattooed on my butt in Japanese. And I had to run around Times Square in a g-string.

You should do yourself a favor and read the entire exchange because it’s pretty priceless. Doing some research prior to writing this post, I also came across this old article written by Dibble back when he was with ESPN and it really gives you a good idea of how inferior he felt Japanese ballplayers were at the time. Now that I think about it, the success of several Japanese players in MLB really has destroyed that notion, thanks mostly to Ichiro’s efforts which have been immortalized on Dibble’s butt. For the record, this Arizona fan is not impressed.