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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: ass tattoos

76ers fan gets 2015 NBA champs ass tattoo

Has there been a power shift in the Eastern Conference now that LeBron James has returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Somewhat, but one Philadelphia 76ers fan doesn’t think it’s enough to prevent his team from winning an NBA title next season. As Deadspin pointed out, some whacky Sixers fan recently thought it was a good…Read More

Eagles fan got a ‘Fire Andy’ Reid tattoo on his butt (Picture)

Andy Reid was a good coach for many years in Philadelphia, but his final few years were difficult for fans to endure. One particular Eagles fan now has a permanent reminder of how bad things got under Reid. On Dec. 17, three days after the Eagles lost at home 34-13 to the Cincinnati Bengals to…Read More

Rob Dibble’s Ichiro Ass Tattoo

On Thursday’s PM edition of Hot Clicks at SI, Jimmy Traina linked to a story about Nationals broadcasters Rob Dibble and Ray Knight getting into a disagreement on air. I thought the disagreement (regarding Stephen Strasburg’s two-strike pitches on Wednesday) was rather petty and exacerbated by Dibs. While that story was only semi-entertaining, it reminded…Read More

Guess That Ass-Tattoo Was Worth it

I’ve heard of guys getting their behinds tatted to win a bet or whatnot — Justin Miller and Billy Koch being the prime example — but that’s something I could never really grasp. Tattoos in general, much less to commemorate something stupid like the Lions going 0-16, just aren’t my thing. And even if I…Read More

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