Sabres fan wears awesome ‘Tebow LOL’ jersey to mock Jets fans (Picture)

A brave Buffalo Sabres fan went to Madison Square Garden Friday with one purpose in mind: troll New York Jets fans.

Greg Gelz, who is a Sabres fan, used duct tape to write “TEBOW LOL” on the back of his jersey, knowing he’d encounter several Rangers fans at the game who also rooted for the Jets. Gelz told Puck Daddy most fans saw it as a joke, and that his intent was to “mock ALL Jets fans.”

Adding insult to injury, the Sabres beat the Rangers 4-1.

I haven’t seen a bigger jersey troll job since Matt Bellamy wore a Miami Heat LeBron James jersey to an Indians game. Well done, Greg.

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Fail: Idiot fan got jersey with Mario Lemieux’s name misspelled (Picture)

Mario Lemieux’s career accomplishments now officially consist of: 1033 assists, 690 goals, 10 All-Star Game appearances, 3 Hart Trophy honors, two Stanley Cups, and one horribly misspelled jersey.

How can you possibly call yourself a fan and not know how to spell the damn man’s name properly? Major effing fail. What an embarrassment. I don’t even know what a Lemiexu is. I’d much rather see another lewabosh before I see another disgrace like this.

H/T Sports Pickle via Sportress of Blogitude

The Best Dallas Mavericks Jersey Yet

Considering he’s living off his wife’s name, I’d say that Lamar Kardashian jersey is quite appropriate. Well done random Dallas Mavericks fan. And in case you’re wondering if it’s a fake, it looks like it’s been around for a few weeks.

H/T I am a GM

Zeller Parents Break Out the Combo Shirts to See Both Sons Play (Picture)

Tyler Zeller and Cody Zeller play in the ACC and Big Ten, respectively. As we all know, Tyler is a senior forward for the powerhouse North Carolina Tarheels. The lesser known younger brother, Cody, is a freshman at Indiana.  The ACC-Big Ten challenge gave the Zeller brothers’ parents a chance to watch both of their sons play on Wednesday night, which can only mean one thing: time for a combo jersey.  Here is what the Zellers wore when they watched Cody play in Raleigh in then Tyler in Chapel Hill, as pointed out by the Fayetteville Observer:

Unfortunately, the combo shirt/jersey has become increasingly popular over the years. Just over a week ago we showed you the brutal combo jersey that Stephen Curry broke out to support his alma mater and his younger brother. I suppose the t-shirt isn’t as bad as the customized jersey, and they’re proud parents so we’ll let it slide.  That being said, I wish the madness of the two-sided jersey would stop.

Rangers Fan ‘Napo-Lee’ Jersey Shows Texas is Over Losing Cliff Lee (Picture)

No fan base wants to lose its best pitcher via free agency, but a return trip to the World Series the following season is the most ideal way to ease the pain.  The Rangers would obviously like to have Cliff Lee as a member of their current pitching staff, but they made the right choice by letting another team spend a fortune on him.  They also made the right choice in trading for Mike Napoli.  Mike Scioscia may not be willing to call the Napoli trade a disaster just yet, but I’m sure the Rangers are willing to call it a huge success.  Props to this Rangers fan for figuring out a way to support Napoli and forget about Lee without even having to buy a new jersey.

Now that’s what I call knowing how to improvise.  We already knew Rangers fans do weird things like rock fake mustaches and execute home run throwbacks better than any fan base in the league.  It’s also nice to see they appreciate the value of a dollar.

H/T to Deadspin for sharing the picture with us.

Tim Tebow Jesus Jersey is of highest order

Tim Tebow is the golden child. The chosen one. He is Jesus in cleats and he’s waiting for his lord and savior to put down his headset and congratulate him. The Sports Pickle calls it the most authentic Tim Tebow jersey around. I agree. In fact, if I were to purchase a Tebow jersey, I most assuredly would get one that says “Jesus” on the back too.

The only question is where does this rank on the list of bad sports jerseys we’ve featured here at LBS?

Pic Credit: Chris Lennon via Darren Rovell

Henrik and Daniel Sedin Combo Jersey is Pretty Lame (Picture)

There are a few reasons I would never buy a Henrik and Daniel Sedin combo jersey.  For starters, combo jerseys are probably one of the lamest pieces of sports memorabilia you can own.  Secondly, Daniel Sedin has been known to guarantee victories for his team in cliche fashion only to continue cowering in the spotlight.  And thirdly, Daniel Sedin allowed Brad Marchand to punch him in the face repeatedly during the Stanley Cup Finals and did absolutely nothing about it.  That’s not the type of person I want to be promoting, even if the jersey is only half theirs.  Check out the Daniel and Henrik Sedin combo jersey that is currently for sale on the NHL Auction site, courtesy of Puck Daddy:

Believe it or not, someone has already bid $399 on this piece of garbage.  Sure it’s autographed, but that doesn’t make the concept any less obnoxious.  Daniel’s number is 22 and Henrik’s is 33, so combined that gives us … 23?  Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Oh yeah and two Sedin brothers equals a last name of “Sedins.”  Of course this forces us to raise the question of which combo jersey is more ridiculous: the Sedin hockey jersey or this horrendous Miami Heat jersey?  I’ll call it a tie.