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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Articles tagged: Barry Bonds

Are Bonds’ 73 as Safe as DiMaggio’s 56?

You don’t need a jury, a judge, or an LBS writer to tell you that Barry Bonds’ single-season home run record of 73 is a product of steroids.  Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and the other poster boys of Major League Baseball’s steroid era shattered records that we all know they wouldn’t have touched if…Read More

Recorded Conversation Shows Anderson Injected Barry Bonds with Steroids

Anyone who read Game of Shadows and paid attention to various court documents that have come to light recently knows that Barry Bonds has admitted to taking steroids. It’s common knowledge that Bonds took the cream and the clear provided by BALCO — both were steroids. So the issue isn’t whether he took steroids, it’s…Read More

Who Gets into the Hall First, Jeff Kent or Barry Bonds?

Once teammates in San Francisco from ’97-’02, Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds will be forever linked. The two formed a powerful duo in the heart of the Giants order for several years, leading San Francisco into the World Series in ’02 where they got served by the Angels. Both have strong personalities and were known…Read More

Barry Bonds Sees Himself as a College Baseball Coach

Barry Bonds was in the house at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Saturday night for a celebration of the Giants 50th anniversary in the city. After receiving a warm reception from the fans and making a brief speech on the field before the game, Bonds ventured up to the Comcast Bay Area television booth…Read More

Asterisked 756th Ball Heading to the Hall

Alternate title: 756th ball to make it to Hall before Bonds (ever does …). Perhaps it’s fitting that it’s worked out this way, given the fact that, you know, Barry Bonds juiced to get the record. Bonds is right to say that Marc Ecko is an idiot — I’m not sure what other sane person…Read More Ignoring Bonds, Sosa in Ads

I haven’t watched MLBTV since college. Man, those were the days. There were like a half dozen hardcore baseball fans on my dorm floor all playing fantasy baseball so we used to try and catch the at-bats by our players in between classes and studying. Best part was we all shared the same login info…Read More

Barry Bonds Now Starring in Rap Videos

Since nobody’s interested in picking up the slugger, he’s gotta figure out new ways to occupy his time. Apparently Baroid has figured out what to do in between curls at the gym and hacks at the cages. As AJ mentioned at Deadspin, Barry’s now making cameos in music videos. Check him out around the 0:45…Read More

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