Rays rookies dress like girls and sing ‘Call Me Maybe’ for hazing (Video)

The Rays veterans may end up taking the cake this season for most humiliating form of rookie hazing. During their recent road trip to Boston, the Rays rookies were forced to dress up in leotards and wigs and put on a performance of the popular pop song “Call Me Maybe” in front of the Green Monster at Fenway.

According to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, the gentleman you hear yelling “Get it girls! Get it girls!” is David Price. The stunt was reportedly the brainchild of James Shields, who also forced players who are not technically rookies — but came into the season with less than a full year of major league experience under their belts —  to participate.

We thought the torture the Marlins put their rookies through in Times Square was brutal, but the Rays may have topped it this week.

Chipper Jones joins the Braves rookies for hazing (Picture)

Chipper Jones is trying to squeeze every last inch out of the final season of his 18-year MLB career. If that means joining the rookies and dressing up like a moron, so be it.  As you can see from the photo above that Braves pitcher Peter Moylan shared on Twitter, the Braves made their rookies dress up in dumb Halloween costumes recently and Chipper joined them.

Chipper is likely going to miss having fun with the young guys, so you can understand why he wanted to partake before he officially hangs up the spikes. I’m sure it helped that the Atlanta rookies got to wear fun “Dumb and Dumber”suits and dress up like Scooby Doo rather than being restricted by a leotard or parading around Times Square in a speedo.

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Marlins make rookies wear speedos, dress as water polo team for hazing (Pictures)

And the rookie hazing continues. Some rookies get off easy and are forced to dress in Star Wars gear while others have to wear something a little more, shall we say, snug. As you can see from the photo above that Giancarlo Stanton shared on his Twitter account, the Marlins rookies had to wear speedos and dress as the U.S. men’s water polo team on Thursday — the day before they began a series in New York with the Mets. What’s worse is they had to parade through Times Square wearing the grape-smugglers. Here’s another shot:

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Orioles make rookies dress in tutus for hazing (Pictures)

The rookie hazing continued on Thursday with the Orioles finding a way to embarrass their new guys. The treatment for Baltimore? Tutus and ballerina attire. Baltimore Sports Report’s Avi Miller captured several hilarious photos of the rookies boarding the team bus, and third baseman Manny Machado (above left) seems to have stolen the show with his fantastic tutu.

Earlier this week, the Nationals rookies got the hazing treatment when the veterans made them dress as Olympic gymnasts. Machado and company got it pretty bad, but to this point I don’t think anyone has had it as bad as Mike Trout and his Lady Gaga outfit.

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Bryce Harper, Nats rookies dress up as gymnasts for hazing (Pictures)

The Nationals dressed their rookies up as smurfs last year as part of their rookie hazing. This year they opted for a more patriotic theme — they dressed their rookies up as US Olympic gymnasts.

Pitcher Gio Gonzalez tweeted two pictures of the rooks dressed up as gymnasts. One was taken inside the team’s clubhouse following their 8-0 loss to the Marlins. The other was snapped as they were getting ready to board a train for the road trip to New York.

Gonzalez’s caption for the photo was actually pretty funny: “The 2012 Olympians that didn’t make the cut this year.”

Thank goodness they didn’t. Below is another pic of the rookies in their leotards:

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Rockies Dress Rookies Up in Star Wars Costumes (Picture)

The Rockies are wrapping up a disappointing season and decided Sunday was the right time to haze their rookies. And why not? They had just set a franchise record with 25 hits in a 19-3 win over the hapless Astros.

The Rox went with the Star Wars theme, which seems to be popular in baseball circles this year. In case you were curious, Troy Renck says Tommy Field dressed up as Yoda, and that Edgmer Escalona was Chewbaca. Sadly for him, his mask was not movie quality. At least it was much better than getting the Lady Gaga treatment.

Nationals Dress Rookies Up as Smurfs (Picture)

The Nationals got their rookies perhaps better than any baseball team has ever hazed its rookies. The D-Backs putting their rookies in speedos and swim outfits was pretty funny, and the Angels sticking Mike Trout in a Lady Gaga dress wasn’t bad, but this is tops. Just look at all the detail with the body paint! And can you really beat Stephen Strasburg as Papa Smurf? I think not.

That picture was actually shared by Nats catcher Jesus Flores on Twitter, and it was passed along by Eye on Baseball. Guarantee Flores never had to dress up like a smurf during his hazing. Very strong Nats, very strong.