Bernard Hopkins Has B.S. TKO Loss to Chad Dawson Overturned by CSAC

Bernard Hopkins‘ October 15th fight against Chad Dawson ended in a controversy when he was thrown to the canvas and unable to continue. Dawson intentionally threw Hopkins down, and Bernard suffered a dislocation of his shoulder-to-collarbone joint. For some inexplicable reason (check that – it’s boxing where all decisions lack reason), Dawson was awarded a second-round TKO win.

The WBC decided two weeks later that the fight was a draw and they kept Hopkins as their light heavyweight champion. The California State Athletic Committee (CSAC) has done even more. The CSAC met Tuesday and decided to change the TKO loss to a no decision.

“Justice was served today,” Hopkins said. “I am thrilled that the California State Athletic Commission did the right thing and removed that loss from my record. Mistakes happen, but what you do to fix those mistakes is what counts.”

Hopkins is still recovering from the shoulder injury, but he says he will begin boxing in a few weeks. He says he wants to fight early next year. The bionic man is 52-5-2 and still a world champion at 46 years old.

Bernard Hopkins Gets Wax Figure at Ripley’s Believe it or Not (Pictures)

Bernard Hopkins is fighting Chad Dawson Saturday in Los Angeles for Hopkins’ WBC Light Heavyweight title. The 46-year-old bionic man is still boxing, still winning, and still rated as one of the top pound-for-pound fighters. Considered a living wonder, Hopkins was honored by the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum in Los Angeles with a wax figure. There are several pictures of the waxing process and a picture of the final product below:

If I were Bernard, I would have made sure they defined my abs and gave me a six-pack as part of the arrangement, but that’s just me. Now Ripley’s decision to honor Hopkins is actually pretty funny.

“Ripley’s decided to create the figure of Hopkins and to honor him as a living Believe It or Not! following his unbelievable victory over the younger [Jean] Pascal in May,” a press release says.

I have to admit, when I heard Hopkins was getting featured under the heading of “Believe it or not,” I thought he had just made another anti-Donovan McNabb comment.

Photo Credits: Tim O’Brien, Ripley Entertainment Inc

Bernard Hopkins Stiffs Cancer Radiothon

ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas held its sixth annual 24 Hour Radiothon from Friday-Saturday. The Radiothon benefits cancer charity The Caring Place and it took place at The Palms Hotel. The event gained some notoriety Friday when longtime sportscaster Brent Musberger missed his scheduled time slot on the radio, leading people to fear something bad happened to him. FOXSports.com eventually got in touch with Musberger who said he thought the event was the following day. After missing his slot, Musberger did what he could to make up for it, saying he’d donate some of his time and money to the charity and the people who sponsored it.

Sadly Musberger was not the only big name who missed his slot.

According to radio host JT The Brick who hosted the 8pm hour of the Radiothon, boxer Bernard Hopkins and former UNLV star Larry Johnson missed their slots. Hopkins and Johnson were two of the biggest names scheduled to host (Musberger, Mike Tyson, and Jim Fassel were some of the others), so their absence was a major disappointment.

But it gets worse.

According to JT The Brick, Hopkins strolled in as his hour was ending and he made no effort to remedy his absence. JT says Hopkins refused to sign anything for the charity. Reporter Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal adds that Hopkins declined to take photographs for the charity. Got that?

Just so we’re clear on how B-Hop rolls, he agrees to host an hour for the Radiothon, misses his slot, and then refuses to make up for it. Guess we know the same B-Hop who’s a jerk towards Donovan McNabb is the real B-Hop and not an act.

Rush Limbaugh Defends Donovan McNabb Against Bernard Hopkins Comments

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh caused a controversy in 2003 when as an analyst, he said the media wanted to see Donovan McNabb succeed because he was black. The comment itself was an observation that cannot be deemed right or wrong because there’s no way to quantify his argument. However, I believe McNabb was portrayed well by the media because he was good, not because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. Now Limbaugh has amazingly come to McNabb’s defense at a time when he’s taking heat from boxer Bernard Hopkins who says McNabb is not black enough.

Here’s what Limbaugh said on his show Friday according to a transcription SB Nation Chicago found, via Pro Football Talk:

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Bernard Hopkins Rips Donovan McNabb Again, Says He’s Not Black Enough

Bernard Hopkins has ripped on Donovan McNabb again, this time questioning his blackness. During a training session on Tuesday, Hopkins pretty much called McNabb an Uncle Tom. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

According to Hopkins, McNabb had a privileged childhood in suburban Chicago and, as a result, is not black enough or tough enough, at least compared with, say, himself, Michael Vick and Terrell Owens.

“Forget this,” Hopkins said, pointing to his own dark skin. “He’s got a suntan. That’s all.”


“T.O. got [into] the boardroom and saw the way they talked to McNabb. Coming from where he [comes from] – that’s strange to some white people, when a black man speaks.”

That was only a small sampling of what Hopkins had to offer. At other points he suggested McNabb was a privileged black guy “who got the extra coat. The extra servings.” Hopkins went off completely on McNabb with much more criticism, and it was all unprovoked, but it should be taken lightly. In 2008, he ripped McNabb for having no heart. He called McNabb a lapdog in 2009. And then the Philadelphia native threw his support behind Michael Vick.

Where does this all come from, you ask? The hatred stems from McNabb supposedly snubbing Hopkins when the boxer attended an Eagles practice. Since then he’s had it out for Donovan.

Knowing McNabb, he’ll take the high road and avoid the controversy. As for B-Hop, it’s petty to keep ripping Donovan. Of course this isn’t the first time Hopkins has played the race card.

Video: Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins Brawl at Press Conference, Was it Real?

Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins are set to meet for a rematch of their December 18th draw on May 21st. The boxers had their pre-fight press conference on Monday and did exactly what a pre-fight conference is supposed to do — drum up interest in the show. An actual scuffle broke out between Pascal and Hopkins over Pascal suggesting Hopkins take a blood test to prove he was clean. Check out this video of their fight and let me know if you think it’s real or fake:

If you see B-Hop and Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy, you’ll see they’re both smiling and appear to be laughing. Maybe it’s a nervous laugh because they don’t know what’s going on, but fighting at a pre-fight press conference is the oldest promotional strategy around. Many writers seem to buy it thinking that the Hopkins’ anti-Canada viewpoint is fueling the feud (Pascal is from Canada and their two fights are in Quebec).

I certainly am not buying it. Not only is this a classic promotional move, but if Pascal were really concerned about Hopkins’ legitimacy he would have put the blood test stipulations into their contract, not drummed it up now. What do you think?

Bernard Hopkins and Mike Jones Want you to Neuter Your Pit Bull (Video)

Philadelphia boxers Bernard Hopkins and Mike Jones are supporting a pit bull spaying and neutering campaign based out of Camden, New Jersey called “Project Knock Out.” The project offers people to have their pits fixed for free in Camden to the non-profit New Jersey Aid for Animals. Talking about the project, Hopkins says “I’m happy to lend my name and likeness to this great cause.” For the animal lovers, check out this behind-the-scenes video of pit bulls getting photographed in the ring to promote the campaign:

Next time, I say he and Mike Vick should team up on a pit bull effort. For more info, you can go to the NJAFA website.