Bibi Jones tweets half-naked picture with Rob Gronkowski, says Gronk dropped passes because of her

By and large, the whole Bibi Jones and Rob Gronkowski thing is old news. However, it would seem that Bibi is not finished with it just yet. Last year, the now-retired pornstar tweeted a photo of herself hanging out with Gronk and wearing his jersey. On Tuesday, she was once again talking about the Patriots tight end on her Twitter account and even tweeted the following revealing picture, although she claims someone else did it from her account.

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Bibi Jones Says She Didn’t Have Sex with Rob Gronkowski, But She Wanted to

Porn star Bibi Jones went on a Boston sports radio show Monday morning and said she and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski did not have sex this weekend, though she wanted to.

Jones told The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich (LBS writer Del’s favorite Boston morning show), that she was hanging out with friends that weekend who played football with Gronk at Arizona. There were a bunch of guys who invited her over to watch one of her movies.

Jones says she didn’t know who Gronk was, but he explained that he played for the Pats. She says he was very polite and a “gentleman,” and that he wasn’t a “creeper or anything.”

The only weird thing about the story is that Bibi says Gronkowski carries one of his jerseys around with him — exactly for opportunities like that.

“I wish something happened but nothing did,” she said disappointed.

Even if the night didn’t go the way Bibi hoped, Rob seemed to get out of it what he wanted. He took the pictures with Bibi in hopes that she would be able to send him more Twitter followers. See, it was a marketing opportunity for the Pats tight end.

And just when you thought NFL was the hottest thing in America, we have Bibi Jones to put everything in perspective. Now we know what America’s real pastime is.

Rob Gronkowski Spends Time with Porn Star Bibi Jones During Bye Week (Picture)

Rob Gronkowski already leads all NFL tight ends in touchdown catches this season. Might he lead the league in another category?

With the Patriots on the bye week, Gronk returned to Arizona (where he attended college), for the weekend. He spent some time with porn star Bibi Jones, who tweeted two pictures of the two hanging out together. She also told her followers to follow her “favorite football player.” I knew there was a reason I recommended him to every fantasy team.

From exchanging tweets with Kate Upton to hanging with porn stars, nobody does it like Rob Gronkowski. It most definitely is Gronk’s world, we’re all just living in it.

UPDATE: Did the two have sex? Bibi Jones answers the queston.

Thanks to Jimmy Traina for the heads up.