Billboard supporting Joe Paterno goes up at Penn State (Picture)

The best thing the Penn State community can do in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal is to try to move forward. The cloud created by the mess will loom over State College for quite some time (possibly forever), but unless you’re making an effort to help the victims harping on the past seems senseless.

Naturally, not everyone feels that way. According to the student-run Penn State blog Onward State, the billboard you see above was recently erected at Penn State in support of Joe Paterno. By using a different shading for the words “cover up,” the people responsible for the message couldn’t have been any clearer.

Paterno undoubtedly did a lot of great things during his 61-year run at Penn State, but the things he didn’t do overshadow most — if not all — of it. Dwelling on the past successes of the football program in this type of manner does nothing to help the situation.

Texas A&M billboard in Gainesville comes down (Pictures)

A billboard supporting Texas A&M football went up in Gainesville on Tuesday as some sort of smack talk before the Aggies play their first SEC game on Saturday. The billboard, located at 13th Street and 53rd Avenue according to Gator Nation, said:

Howdy Gainesville,
You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation
The Best Academics & Cleanest Program in the SEC. WHOOP!
Real Football. Real Tradition.

Texas A&M said the billboard was not put up by the school, and they were actually investigating it for possible copyright violation. There investigation must have worked, because the billboard came down a few hours later.

According to USA Today’s Rachel George, the billboard was purchased by a Houston-based agency representing a group called Aggie Nation. The trademark concern was over the phrase “Whoop!” George reports.

Here’s what the billboard looked like after the A&M ad was taken down:

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Matt Barkley USC football billboard disappears in Westwood

A USC football billboard featuring Matt Barkley that appeared in Westwood nearby the UCLA campus was covered on Tuesday, sparking a mini-mystery. Both USC and UCLA denied any role in the billboard being covered. A USC spokesman even saying the billboard was part of a city-wide marketing campaign. Finally the billboard company admitted they were the ones who decided to cover it up.

According to KTLA, the billboard site is owned by Regency Outdoor Advertising, a company co-owned by Brian Kennedy, a prominent USC donor, after whom a USC practice fields is named. Kennedy reportedly said the company decided to move the Barkley board to another location.

It seems like this comes down to some big USC fans trying to taunt UCLA by putting the billboard up by the Bruins’ campus. It’s no wonder USC tried to distance themselves from the campaign.

Regardless of who was responsible for the billboard, this is now the second time USC has taunted UCLA in the past few months when it comes to football. The Bruins need to respond on the field to maintain their self-respect.

Photos via SportsCenter/Twitter

Texas A&M puts up ‘This is SEC Country’ billboard in Austin (Picture)

Now we’re talking. About a month ago, Texas A&M created a video that welcomed itself to the SEC in extremely corny fashion. Students from Texas A&M were recorded as they cheered for the other schools in the SEC and recited their slogans and battle cries. We get what the school was trying to do, but it certainly wasn’t what we have come to expect from the fiercest athletic conference in college football.

It still may be too early for Texas A&M fans to hang banners like this one over the freeway, but the billboard you see above that SBNation passed along is certainly a start. The message is currently on display in Austin, Texas. While it is not insulting toward the other schools in the SEC, it certainly throws an obvious jab at the University of Texas, which is a Big 12 school. Take that, Longhorns. Aggie fans will be poisoning trees before you know it.

H/T Dr. Saturday

NC State declares North Carolina is ‘Our State’ (Picture, Video)

Much like the way letter burning has become in vogue for recruits who want to affirm their commitment to a school, billboard wars are the new way for schools to assert their dominance off the field.

NC State is the latest school to engage in this new form of trash talk. They’ve purchased billboards throughout North Carolina to declare that the state is “Our State.” The program is clearly trying to boast about its five straight wins over in-state rival North Carolina in football.

According to a tweet from the school’s athletics Twitter account, the above billboard appears in Raleigh and at major highway entrances to North Carolina. They’ve also made a commercial that features various players and coach Tom O’Brien sticking stakes in land throughout the state to claim it as NC State territory. The video is below:

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Mattress company in Arizona puts up Peyton Manning billboard (Picture)

If Peyton Manning is going to make a decision on his playing future based on a billboard, it would appear the Dolphins and Cardinals are two top contenders to sign the four-time NFL MVP. The photo you see above was taken in Arizona, where a mattress company is doing its part to try to convince Peyton to venture out to the desert. A few weeks ago before it was even clear if Manning would be cut by the Colts, we saw a “Manning to Miami” billboard along a highway in Fort Lauderdale.

The frenzy has officially begun, and Arizona is at the forefront of things thus far. In addition to the billboard, defensive tackle Darnell Dockett even offered Manning free parking and donuts if he signs with the Cardinals. This should get increasingly entertaining as the days pass.

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for the picture

Denver Bar Sign: ‘Careful Ladies Big Ben is Coming to Town’ (Picture)

Boone’s Tavern, a bar in Denver, likes to have fun with the Broncos’ opponents by writing witty messages on a sign in front of the bar. Last week, their message to Kansas City fans involved a shot at former Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, who’s now with the Chiefs.

“KC we borrowed your BBQ but you have our sloppy seconds,” the sign said.

This week’s sign is much better.

“Careful ladies Big Ben is coming to town,” the succinct message says. So simple, so perfect.

It’s been a while since anyone took shots at the sexual assault allegations Roethlisberger faced. Last April, it was an Eminem song that ripped him. Then some ninjas protested his return from suspension last season. Since getting married, Roethlisberger has avoided must of the criticism, but this Denver bar won’t forget.

Broncos vs. Steelers. It’s going down Sunday.

Picture Credit: Josh Townsend via Clay Travis