Bleacher Report Merely Window Dressing with New Hires

Bleacher Report announced the hiring of five new “lead writers” on Monday, sparking some pats on the back and commentary that the organization is becoming more credible. While the reputation of the new writers can bring more respect to the organization, it does not change that this is classic window dressing by Bleacher Report intended to strengthen the company by quieting the critics.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Bleacher Report, they’re a widely mocked sports website known for extremely low-quality content that is gamed to dominate Google’s search engines. They have a reputation for spelling errors, typos, and slideshows created in poor taste. Really, all you need to know about Bleacher Report is that they used the tsunami in Japan as an excuse to publish a slideshow on the “worst natural disasters in sports history.”

Noted bloggers Dan Levy, Bethlehem Shoals, Josh Zerkle, Dan Rubenstein, and Matt Miller were given new positions within the company. While Miller is a “homegrown” talent for Bleacher Report, the other four men gained their reputation through years of outstanding contributions to the blogosphere. I am friendly with a few of the new writers and happy they found jobs about which they’re excited. And while I’ll continue to support a few of those individuals and their exemplary work, the hirings do little to change my overall opinion of the company.

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Bleacher Report’s Monte Faison Wonders How Austin Box’s Death Impacts Oklahoma

It was only a week ago that we scolded ESPN writer Albert Lin for using the death of Aaron Douglas to break down Alabama’s depth chart. Sadly, it wasn’t the first time an ESPN employee reacted so coldly to such a tragic death. On both occasions we felt it was necessary to write about the incidents because we wanted to get the message across that times of death are not the proper instances to break down depth charts. Unfortunately Bleacher Report contributor Monte Faison has not learned that lesson.

On Thursday, less than 24 hours after it was learned Oklahoma linebacker Austin Box had died, Faison wrote an article for Bleacher Report about how the death would impact the team. The headline to the article was “Austin Box: What Does the Loss Mean for Oklahoma Sooners?”

Here’s what he wrote:

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