A six-year-old fan sent Brandon Jacobs $3.36 to re-sign with Giants

Brandon Jacobs signed with the 49ers in the offseason after spending his entire career with the Giants. One six-year-old Giants fan was so sad to see him go, he sent Jacobs $3.36 to convince him to re-sign with the team after being told that the defending Super Bowl champs couldn’t afford to keep him.

The fan letter was sent to Jacobs by the six-year-old’s mother, on behalf of her son. This was his message to Jacobs:

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

So you could go to the Giants, here is my money.

Love, Joe.

Naturally, Jacobs was touched by the letter. He sent the following tweets:

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Brandon Jacobs ‘would love’ to join Jets

Brandon Jacobs became a free agent after the Giants cut him last week, and he says he “would love” to sign with the Jets.

“I would love to do that,” Jacobs told the New York Post. “It would be an opportunity for me to not have to relocate. I got to do what’s best for my family. Whichever team it is, I think is going to be a lucky team. I got a lot left in me, got a lot to offer.”

Jacobs, who is 29, believes he has three good years left in him. He also says his December spat with Rex Ryan is not an issue.

“That whole thing with Rex Ryan — me and Rex are alike, that’s what it is,” Jacobs said. “We definitely could get along, no question about it. There were a lot of things said in the heat of the battle. It’s football. I talk with players on the other teams every week and shake their hand afterwards. I like Rex as a coach, I would definitely play for him. I would not say I wouldn’t go there. It would be an opportunity to see how things are on the other side.”

This isn’t the first time this offseason that Jacobs expressed interest in playing for the Jets, but you have to wonder why they would be interested in him. Jacobs has a big mouth and the Jets already have enough team character issues.

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Brandon Jacobs open to playing for Jets after ripping Rex Ryan

Overpaid players like Brandon Jacobs just don’t get it sometimes. When the team you are currently playing could decide you aren’t worth the nearly $5 million they would have to pay to retain you, it’s best to not burn any bridges across the league. That is especially true for someone like Jacobs, who won’t exactly have teams lining up to extend an offer. Just a couple of months ago, Jacobs had an unfriendly exchange with Rex Ryan after the Giants beat the Jets. All of a sudden, he says he’s open to playing for New York’s other team.

“It was a situation,” Jacobs said Thursday according to Newsday. “We were rivals then. There’s no apology needed.

“I like the way Rex handles his business. The guys on that team I know, know how I feel.”

Anyone picking up on a pattern here? Jacobs has always been known for saying dumb things, but lately he’s been quick to apologize and attempt to make amends for the annoying things he’s done. He knows the Giants have until March 17 to decide what they want to do with him. Jacobs could always restructure his deal with the G-Men, but Tom Coughlin might decide he doesn’t want to put up with his second-string running back complaining all season again if Ahmad Bradshaw is healthy.

Jacobs doesn’t run as hard as he used to, and if we know that he must know it. It’s likely that very few teams will be interested in his services, and if the Jets extend the offer he would have no choice but to consider it.

Brandon Jacobs apologizes for saying Gisele should shut up

Brandon Jacobs is a man of many words. In case you have forgotten, this is a guy who wanted out of New York a few short months ago. He wanted nothing to do with the Giants and admitted he was only worried about driving his “fast ass car.” Super Bowls seem to have a way of fixing everything, don’t they? Now that the G-Men took home the Lombardi trophy, Jacobs has focused his attention on running his mouth to opponents’ wives. It may be hard to believe, but he actually apologized for telling Gisele to “stay cute and shut up” on Wednesday.

“Given the fact that it’s a colleague of mine’s wife, I do apologize for saying that, because I shouldn’t have said that,” Jacobs said on ESPN Radio’s Doug Gottlieb Show according to Pro Football Talk.  “It’s his wife and I should respect that just as much as anyone else.”

Gisele should not have said what she did about the Patriots’ receivers, but Jacobs was also out of line. We had wondered if he would issue an apology for those comments in the same way he did with his decapitation remark, and it looks like he decided that was the best choice. Regardless of how inappropriate Gisele’s comment was, it was not directed at Jacobs and was none of his business. He either realized that or — more likely — someone had to tell him.

Brandon Jacobs: Gisele needs to ‘continue to be cute and shut up’

Gisele became one of the sideshows of the Super Bowl after ripping Tom Brady’s receivers for dropping balls. Her comments reportedly created a rift within the Patriots locker room because she broke the “code of brotherhood.”

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs reportedly has a solution for how she should handle things from now on.

“She just needs to continue to be cute and shut up,” he said Tuesday according to a tweet from New York Post writer Brian Costello.

Jacobs already apologized for saying the Giants decapitated the Patriots. I wonder if he’ll end up doing the same thing now that his rude remark is making the rounds.

He could have easily gotten his point across by saying “she should keep her thoughts to herself.” Instead, he took the misogynistic approach essentially saying women should be seen and not heard. I guess this qualifies as about the third dumb thing he’s said this postseason.

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Brandon Jacobs: We decapitated the Patriots

Brandon Jacobs speaks in terms as forceful as his running style. The Giants running back described his team’s Super Bowl win over the Patriots as harshly as one could imagine.

“We decapitated them. They can’t wear that crown no more,” Jacobs said after the game. “Can’t wear that crown any more.”

Guess what, Brandon? I don’t think they really had a crown on before. Until this season, the Pats hadn’t won a playoff game since losing to the Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl. The crown was off after their last two postseason exits. This win just solidified the Giants’ dominance over the Pats in big games recently, so sorry to spoil the enjoyment.

Jacobs also spoke glowingly about Eli Manning, as he should have.

“Now he’s got two (Super Bowls) so does this make him the best quarterback in the NFL? Drew Brees is a great quarterback, he’s at home. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, he’s at home. Eli beat (Tom Brady) twice. You guys ask Tom Brady that and I bet he’ll tell you the same thing. Eli’s a beast. Eli’s an animal. There’s not enough I can say about him. He’s a great quarterback.”

I wouldn’t have expected anything less coming from Jacobs, considering the passing game pretty much carried the offense the entire season. Eli put up some big-time stats, but more importantly, he was tremendous in the fourth quarter of most games, including the Super Bowl.

Brandon Jacobs Does Not Like Fantasy Football, Hates Being Asked About it

Brandon Jacobs has not seemed to enjoy much of anything this season, and up to this point I don’t think many people enjoyed him, either. Back in October, he was sick of playing for the Giants. I’m sure they were tired of having him. In November, Jacobs called out Giants fans for kicking the team while they were down. I’m sure the fans were sick of him. In December, he called Cowboys fans loud and obnoxious. I think it’s safe to assume Dallas fans aren’t fond of Brandon.  At media day on Tuesday, Jacobs told reporters how tired he is of answering fans’ questions about fantasy football.

Jacobs, the Giants running back, spent part of his team’s Media Day session Tuesday discussing just how much he despises fantasy football and its popularity. Jacobs said that 90% of the fans who approach him try to talk to him about their fantasy teams. He finds their questions aggravating.

“I’m like, ‘You know, man, I’m on the real team,'” he said.

As a 2011 Brandon Jacobs owner, I know for a fact this one is mutual.  We all hate you as well, Brandon.  I will admit fantasy football owners take it too far sometimes — like when they get upset with a player over being injured — but it’s not a coincidence that guys like Jacobs despise it while others like Adrian Peterson express a desire to help their fantasy owners out.  When Jacobs says he’s sick of answering questions about fantasy football, he probably means he’s sick of hearing people tell him how much they regret drafting him.  If I was him, I’d probably hate it too.

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