D-II player Trevor Wages breaks backboard with dunk; game gets postponed (Video)

Trevor Wages dunkA Division II college basketball game between Colorado School of Mines and No. 1 Metro State University of Denver was postponed Friday night after a player shattered the backboard with a dunk.

Colorado Mines junior center Trevor Wages, who averages 16.6 points and 9.7 rebounds per game, broke the backboard with a powerful dunk in the first half. Wages gave off some primal screams after shattering the glass, which left broken pieces everywhere.

“I didn’t believe it until I landed,” Wages told News 9 in Denver. “I was just stoked about the dunk and then all of a sudden I look back and it’s hanging down. I just started screaming.”

The school was unable to replace the backboard immediately, so the game was postponed until 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening. Metro State will be leading 21-16 with 6:44 left in the first half when play resumes, the school said. At least Wages didn’t end up bloodied after breaking the backboard like this fella did.

High School player Devin Thomas breaks backboard on dunk (Video)

Devin Thomas of Central Dauphin High School (Penn.) is becoming famous thanks to a monstrous dunk he threw down during his team’s basketball game Thursday night. Thomas is a senior and headed to play at Wake Forest. He took a pass from teammate Nick Seefeldt and dunked it so ferociously he broke the backboard.

“I didn’t think I dunked it that hard for it to break,” Thomas said. “Guess I did, so we’ll continue this [Friday].”

Thomas’ had a game-high 18 points and his team was leading Greencastle-Antrim in the Mid-Penn boys’ final 39-30 in the third quarter when play was suspended because of the dunk. The game will be resumed on Friday evening.

Another cool aspect of the dunk is that Eagles running back LeSean McCoy witnessed it. Shady tweeted before the game Thursday “Heard alot about Devin Thomas from Central Dauphin gotta go check him out tonight…!!!!!”

Was he impressed? You better believe it.

“Devin Thomas from central dauphin is REAL…. Ripped every thing down WOW!!!!!!” Shady said.

He sure picked a good night to check out the young stud. Thomas now joins an exclusive group of players who have shattered a backboard on a dunk. Well done.

Roberto Nelson Bloodied After Breaking Backboard on Dunk (Video)

Roberto Nelson is entering his sophomore season as a guard for Oregon State. Though he’s only 6’3″ and 188 pounds according to his bio, he can dunk with some force. On a recent service trip to Macedonia for Beavers without Borders, Nelson dunked during a pick-up game, shattered the backboard, and got bloodied by the broken glass. Check out the amazing video via College Basketball Nation and beware, it gets pretty nasty:

Nelson needed 20 stitches to get fixed up, but it looks like he was OK. What’s surprising is that more players don’t get injured when they break the backboard. Think about it — it’s broken glass shattering on them. Seriously though, not a bad performance by a 6’3″ guy considering the last time we posted on someone shattering a backboard it was a 7-foot center.

Keith Tiny Gallon Shatters the Glass and Breaks the Backboard vs Gonzaga

Oklahoma freshman big man Keith Tiny Gallon is considered by many to be an heir to Shaq, even being nicknamed Baby Diesel. The ironically nicknamed “Tiny” Gallon even did his best Shaq impression breaking the backboard on Thursday against Gonzaga. Gallon didn’t dunk on the play — he was going up for an alleyoop when he came down on the rim and shattered the backboard. Check out the video of Tiny Gallon breaking the glass:

Gonzaga wound up winning 83-69 but Oklahoma’s loss wasn’t for a lack of strong play on Gallon’s part. Tiny was 4-4 from the field for 8 points in only 13 minutes of work. He’s actually close to a double double average for the year and I’ll bet this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing from him this year.