Pranksters who recorded Buddy Nix-Mark Dominik phone call may have committed a felony

You probably have heard that a couple of kids, with a little luck and a lot of chutzpah, were able to merge two separate phone calls involving Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix and Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik. They then recorded the conversation between Nix and Dominik, which was later revealed on Deadspin. Sounds like some pretty complicated and hi-tech stuff right?

Actually, it’s pretty easy to do:

Cell phone merge call

Now, you might be thinking that you could have a lot of fun with this feature alongside a recording device, but beware: there’s a fair possibility that the kids who pulled off this prank could be in a lot of trouble. Why? What they did is illegal in New York and in Florida.

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Pranksters catch Bills GM Buddy Nix criticizing Ryan Fitzpatrick (Audio)

Buddy-Nix-BillsBuffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix and Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik fell victim to a cruel hoax on Friday, but it is Nix who will likely have to do some damage control as a result. With some witty thinking and a little luck, a couple of 20-year-olds managed to splice themselves into a phone call between the two executives so they could listen to them talk business the day before the tampering period began.

Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky explains the entire prank in detail, but basically it all started when the young men called the Bills’ publicly-listed front office number on Thursday claiming to be Dominik. When the receptionist forwarded their call to Nix’s office, they panicked and hung up.

But Nix kept calling back. The pranksters ignored Nix’s call several times, but eventually they came up with a plan to call Dominik’s office claiming to be Nix and create a game of phone tag between the two. As they were on the phone with the Bucs, Nix called again. They answered the phone this time, put it on speaker, and remained silent while the Bucs employee patched them through to Dominik. Before they knew what happened, the two GMs were on with each other with Nix trying to figure out why Dominik hadn’t returned his calls and how he got the wrong number.

Then, the fun began. NIx and Dominik discussed the new free agent rules and talked about a couple of players they are trying to move and/or work out deals with. The full audio of the phone call can be heard at Deadspin, but the most unfortunate part for Nix came when he began complaining about Buffalo’s situation with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Have a listen:

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Bills GM Buddy Nix: At Least We’re Not as Bad as the Raiders

The Buffalo Bills had a well-documented struggle to find a head coach to fill their vacancy that was created after interim coach Perry Fewell was fired. They aimed high but were rebuffed by Mike Shanahan and Bill Cowher, then assistant coaches Brian Schottenheimer and Russ Grimm also turned them. Reports also said that Jim Harbaugh turned the Bills down as well. It’s pretty easy to see why Shanahan and Cowher said no — they’re in positions of power and they can almost pick the situation they want. Schottenheimer and Grimm probably figured that more appealing opportunities would be available down the line, ditto Jim Harbaugh. Given the dismal state of the offensive line, poor quarterback talent, uncertainty of the franchise’s home (there are rumors that the team could move to Los Angeles), it’s easy to see why coaches in demand said no. Why would they want to put themselves in a situation where failure is likely?

Even though the perception was that nobody wanted the Bills job, new GM Buddy Nix made it a point to share how desirable the job was. In his news conference introducing new head coach Chan Gailey, Nix said he received around 15 phone calls a day from people eager to coach the Bills, requesting an opportunity to interview. He added that we’d be surprised by some of the names, too. Then came the money shot at the very end of the press conference when he was asked about the Bills job: “Trust me, it’s a good job. Don’t ever think you can’t fill coaching jobs, even if they’re bad. Oakland gets a lot of calls. Don’t say I said that.”

I appreciate Nix’s humor but telling me they received 15 calls a day doesn’t do much to convince me about the desirability of the job; anyone can preside over a losing season but it takes a good coach to turn around a team like the Bills. Most of the guys who called probably aren’t proven, good head coaches. As far as their hire goes, I’m not going to say Chan Gailey can’t turn the Bills around and that the Bills are a team that can’t win next year — they can. I learned my lesson by watching the Dolpins and Falcons turn-arounds two years ago. I just feel that there aren’t many tools in Buffalo and that they need serious quarterback and offensive line upgrades in order to improve. Gailey may have won every year at Georgia Tech but I’m quite unimpressed by his three 7-6 seasons and two 7-5 years especially considering how much better they’ve been before and after his tenure. He can win in Buffalo, it just won’t be easy.