Buster Posey’s Sister Samantha Posey Can Mash Too

Hitting apparently runs in the Posey family. Buster Posey won the NL Rookie of the Year last season with the Giants and helped lead them to the World Series title. His younger sister Samantha Posey is also a slugger, leading her Valdosta State D-II squad with a .468 average, eight home runs, .909 slugging percentage and .512 on-base percentage. The younger Posey grabbed national headlines for her amazing performance on Monday.

In a double-header against Albany State, Samantha went 5-for-7 with four home runs and 11 RBIs. Her team swept the two games by a combined 29-0, but the real story was that Samantha hit for the home run cycle, knocking out a solo home run, two-run home run, three-run home run, and a grand slam. I haven’t seen her hit but it sure looks like she has a similar swing to her wildly successful brother. Now all we need is to see her get drafted to compare the two at the professional level.

Valdosta State is ranked 4th in the country with a record of 31-6 on the year and Posey is the team’s top hitter.

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Buster Posey Over Jason Heyward for Rookie of the Year Was Easy Call

The tally for rookie of the year voting balloting came in Monday and, shockingly, for the first time in recent memory, the East Coast sporting bias did not rule the day. The National League award went to San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, the spark plug for the eventual World Series champions. The American League trophy went to Texas Rangers closer Neftali Feliz, who broke the rookie save record with 40 and helped his team reach the World Series.

Although the credibility of all postseason awards took a blow with the preposterous selection of Derek Jeter as the Gold Glove winner for the second straight year, Posey and Feliz were the obvious choices for ROY. And that was despite the tremendous media pressure — ESPN included — for the honor in the senior circuit to go to the young player hyped as the savior of baseball, perhaps the next Hank Aaron, Jason Heyward.

Heyward had a terrific season, batting .277 with 18 home runs, 77 RBIs and 11 stolen bases, but he was not the best rookie in the National League this year. That distinction belonged to Buster Posey by far.

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Controversy: Buster Posey Was Out at Second on Stolen Base (Picture)

It wouldn’t be the MLB Playoffs it there weren’t lots of controversies. From the ball to right field caught by Greg Golson but called a hit for the Twins to Michael Young’s check swing, we’ve already had our share of bad calls by the umpires. Perhaps the most controversial play was Buster Posey’s stolen base in Game 1 of the NLDS between the Giants and Braves.

Posey led off the 4th with a single off Derek Lowe. He stole second and was called safe, but replays show he was out. Posey later scored on a two out single by Cody Ross to bring in the game’s only run. The Giants won 1-0 to take Game 1, but this call will live in infamy. Here’s a picture showing Buster Posey was out at second on his stolen base:

Even with that call, Omar Infante should have made a play on Ross’ ground ball to end the inning so I still blame the Braves for allowing the run to score. They also couldn’t muster any offense against Tim Lincecum who was dominant with 14 strikeouts and only two hits allowed. Even if the game remained scoreless, Atlanta wasn’t winning anytime soon. Still, this play adds more credence to the sentiment that baseball needs instant replay to help out umpires with difficult calls.

NL Playoff Preview and Players to Watch

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As the season wraps up and the National League contenders begin to separate themselves from one another, here is a look at some key players to watch down the stretch and through October.


Derrek Lee: There is no better way to add zeroes to the back of your next contract than to perform in the post-season when the stakes are the highest and all of baseball is watching. Lee will be looking to sign one last lucrative contract after this season. He had an opportunity to reinvent himself upon being traded to Atlanta, with the hopes he would replace some of the production lost when Chipper Jones went down. Lee responded by hitting a decent .289/.375/.433 since the trade. He will get another chance to start over in October and a few big hits will go a long way for his financial future.

Tommy Hanson: Tim Hudson has had a big season for the Braves, but has faded a bit down the stretch. Hanson, however, is the Braves most talented pitcher and has flown under the radar due to a mediocre win-loss record. This post-season may be a coming-out party for the 23-year-old future ace.

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