Carlos Ortiz’s mother fears for family’s life because of Aaron Hernandez

Carlos OrtizElba Ortiz, the mother of Aaron Hernandez’s associate Carlos Ortiz, has been living in fear since her son was arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Carlos has been consistent with his account of what happened the night Lloyd was killed in June, telling investigators that he was with Hernandez but that he did not know Lloyd was going to be murdered.

Ortiz would later tell police that Hernandez admitted to Ernest Wallace that he fired the shots that killed Lloyd. The information Ortiz has provided has been vital in the investigation, which is why Elba fears for the safety of her family.

In a candid interview with USA Today Sports, Elba revealed that she suffers panic attacks and has to take medication in addition to attending multiple therapy sessions a week. Since Carlos is in jail and he “ratted” on Hernandez, who is considered a hero in their hometown of Bristol, Conn., Elba worries that Hernandez supporters may target her, her children or her grandchildren.

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Carlos Ortiz labeled ‘rat’ in neighborhood for giving up Aaron Hernandez

Carlos OrtizThree weeks ago, Carlos Ortiz had a much different relationship with former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. The 27-year-old was not a star witness who may be providing investigators with enough information to put Hernandez away for life. Instead, he was a close friend.

Ortiz hangs around on a street called Davis Drive in Bristol, Conn. — where Hernandez also grew up. He is known as “Charlie” in his neighborhood and has several family members who live there, including three children he has fathered with three women. According to USA Today Sports, the residents of Davis Drive used to cover for him when he got into trouble with the law. But now, Ortiz has been labeled a “rat.”

“He was one of us,” Ortiz’s cousin Jose Torres told USA Today Sports.

Ortiz is currently being held without bail for his potential involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd, and jail may be a safer place for him than his own neighborhood. Amber Schryer, who said she used to let Ortiz crash on her couch, summarized what the people of Davis Drive are feeling about the Hernandez situation.

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Aaron Hernandez accuser Carlos Ortiz admitted to using drugs and alcohol daily

Carlos OrtizAaron Hernandez and his attorneys have a lot of work to do if they plan to somehow attempt to prove he is innocent. The evidence piling up against Hernandez looks quite incriminating, with much of it stemming from information his friend Carlos Ortiz gave to authorities. However, defense attorneys will surely look to prove that Ortiz is not a credible witness.

How will they do that? For starters, they could point to Ortiz’s admitted history of abusing drugs and alcohol. According to an affidavit for a recent arrest on a probation violation that was obtained by USA Today Sports, Ortiz admitted to substance abuse in a meeting with his probation officer on May 21. The documents stated that he “disclosed that he was abusing PCP, alcohol and THC daily.”

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At that point, Ortiz was ordered to enter an in-patient drug program but reportedly missed an appointment two days later. The affidavit said that he went on to avoid treatment for the next month, saying that he lost his cell phone and telling his probation officer on June 18 that he wasn’t sure where to go to enter the program. Six days prior, he allegedly failed a drug test for alcohol, cocaine, PCP and THC.

When Ortiz surfaced on surveillance footage at Aaron Hernandez’s home the night Odin Lloyd was murdered, it was the first time his probation officers knew of his whereabouts in two weeks. Ortiz’s presence in Massachusetts violated his probation for fifth-degree larceny, and he was arrested by police in Bristol, Conn. on June 25.

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And now, here we are. Ortiz is probably the most important witness in the Hernandez case. Does his history of drug and alcohol abuse mean the information he has given about Hernandez is inaccurate? No, but a jury will have to decide if it makes him a less credible witness.

Carlos Ortiz told police ‘other football players’ used Aaron Hernandez’s apartment

Aaron HernandezCarlos Ortiz has been the driving force behind much of the evidence that has been compiled against Aaron Hernandez in the murder of Odin Lloyd, but could the information result in other players being questioned as well? According to the Associated Press, Ortiz told investigators that “other football players” used one of Hernandez’s apartments.

When outlining the timeline of events for investigators, Ortiz reportedly said that he, Hernandez and Ernest Wallace returned a Nissan Altima — the one Hernandez allegedly rented — the afternoon Lloyd was killed. He said he and Wallace then “went to an apartment in the area that Hernandez and other football players used.” After that, Ortiz said he and Wallace drove to Bristol and Wallace told him that Hernandez admitted to shooting Lloyd.

Tom E. Curran of CSNNE.com noted that Ortiz was likely talking about Hernandez’s so-called “flop house” in Franklin, Mass., where authorities seized several key pieces of evidence last week. Curran also pointed out that other New England Patriots players could be questioned because of the information Ortiz gave.

Ortiz was not necessarily referring to Patriots players when he said “other football players.” In fact, there is a growing belief that Hernandez hardly ever associated with any of his teammates unless they were at the team facility or practicing. That being said, investigators have to be thorough. The Patriots may have released Hernandez and allowed fans to exchange his jersey at no cost, but that doesn’t mean they are done having to deal with the problems their former tight end has created.

Carlos Ortiz told police Aaron Hernandez admitted to shooting Odin Lloyd

Carlos OrtizOne of three men arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd told police that Aaron Hernandez admitted to shooting the 27-year-old victim, according to documents released on Tuesday.

Per the Associated Press, documents show that Carlos Ortiz told Massachusetts investigators that Ernest Wallace, the third man arrested in connection with the case, said Hernandez admitted to shooting Lloyd in an industrial park in North Attleborough, Mass. Documents also show that police discovered a vehicle linked to a 2012 double homicide in Boston was rented in Hernandez’s name.

Ortiz apparently did not witness the shooting. He told police that he, Wallace, Hernandez and Lloyd were in a car together the morning of Lloyd’s death. Ortiz told police that the other three got out to urinate, and that he heard gunshots before Wallace and Hernandez got back in the car without Lloyd and sped away.

From the moment we saw Ortiz nearly breaking down and crying in court, it became obvious that he felt remorseful about the situation. It’s not surprising that he appears to be the one cooperating with police in helping them pursue the murder case.

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Search warrant for Aaron Hernandez’s apartment cited cocaine

Carlos-OrtizCarlos Ortiz, the 27-year-old associate who admitted he was with Aaron Hernandez the night Odin Lloyd was shot, is starting to sound like a valuable witness who has been cooperating with police as they continue to investigate the murder. In fact, a report from The Sun Chronicle on Wednesday morning revealed that Ortiz was interviewed by police on June 25th — the day before Hernandez was arrested.

Ortiz provided police with key information about Hernandez’s apartment in Franklin, Mass., where several pieces of evidence were seized during a search this week. One of them was reportedly a white sweatshirt that Hernandez may have been wearing the night of the murder. Ortiz claimed he left a cell phone at the apartment the night of the shooting, which officers believe they found during the search.

In addition to informing police about the apartment and his forgotten cell phone, Ortiz may have mentioned something about drugs. The Boston Herald obtained a copy of the documents relating to the search of the so-called “flop house,” and the warrant contains references to cocaine.

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Carlos Ortiz reportedly lived with Aaron Hernandez’s uncle, had gun morning of murder

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

Carlos Ortiz, one of the men arrested in connection with the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, appears to have strong ties to Aaron Hernandez and/or the tight end’s family.

Ortiz was arraigned at the Attleboro District Court in Massachusetts on Friday and waived bail, meaning he will be in custody until his July 9 “dangerousness” hearing. FOX 25 in Boston reports that Ortiz was arrested at the Bristol, Conn., home of Hernandez’s uncle, Andres Valderrama, which is where he was living, according to court paperwork. Ortiz was arrested in Conn. as a fugitive of justice and was transported to Mass. on Friday. Both he and Aaron Hernandez are from Bristol.

Prosecutors allege that surveillance video shows Ortiz carrying a gun as he entered Aaron Hernandez’s North Attleboro home around 3:30 a.m. the morning of Lloyd’s murder. Per FOX 25, an affidavit from Mass. State Police Trooper Eric Benson says Ortiz admitted to investigators he had a firearm while in the town on or about the morning of June 17. However, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of carrying a firearm without a license in Massachusetts, per the AP.

Ortiz looked like he was about to break down and cry during his court appearance on Friday:

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