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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena Scores the First Golden Sombrero of the ’09 Season

A year later and it’s almost like nothing has changed. May 7th of last year, Rays first baseman Carlos Pena took the Golden Sombrero against the Blue Jays. To refresh your memory since it’s been so long, the LBS Golden Sombrero Club is designed to recognize players who achieve the dubious distinction of going 0-for-4…Read More

Carlos Pena Takes the Golden Sombrero

Some people will tell you that a walk off home run is the most thrilling feat in baseball. Some say it’s an inside-the-parker. Some say it’s a steal of home. Others say it’s a diving catch to save the game. Me, I’d have to go with the strikeout. On the side of the hitter. Not…Read More

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