Carson Palmer Demanding Trade From Bengals, Owner Says He’s Staying Put

If the Cincinnati Bengals are not willing to make serious changes within their organization, it appears Carson Palmer will try to make them himself. ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported on Sunday night that Palmer has demanded a trade from the Bengals and is willing to retire if they refuse to deal him. Palmer is under contract through 2014, and Mort claims several sources told him the quarterback is comfortable with where he’s at financially and would have no problem considering retirement.

At the moment, it looks like the retirement card could be necessary.  Bengals owner Mike Brown wants to keep his franchise quarterback and said he has no plans to trade him, despite admitting that Palmer asked for a trade about a week ago.  Palmer may have struggled the past couple seasons, but he was once an elite talent and ownership has never really done much to build a winning team around him.  After a 4-12 season, who can blame him for wanting to skip town?

Brown is saying what he needs to say at the moment, but he’d be silly to call Palmer’s bluff with the lack of quality starting quarterbacks around the league.  Plenty of teams are in the market for a quarterback and this year’s draft class got a little thinner with Andrew Luck’s decision to return to school.  The 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Panthers, and Dolphins are just a handful that come to mind.  Despite the years and money Palmer is owed, there will be a few teams out there willing to give up a quality draft pick for his services.

Chad Ochocinco Gets Into Fight with Carson Palmer After Lack of Involvement

All great players want the ball because they believe they have the ability to help their team win. The problem is you have to know the right and wrong time to voice a complaint. Memo to Chad Johnson Ochocinco: the 4th quarter when your team is trying to make a comeback is the wrong time to bitch at your quarterback.

Ocho was conspicuously missing from the team’s gameplan on Monday night, double-teamed constantly by the Steelers. While Terrell Owens was going off for 10 catches, 141 yards, and two touchdowns, Chad was dealing with the extra coverage and hardly targeted by Carson Palmer. Carson targeted Chad seven times but he didn’t record his first and only catch until the 4th quarter.

In the 3rd quarter, Chad actually caught a pass but it was negated because of a holding penalty. Ocho was so pissed after making the play that he spiked the ball causing a delay of game penalty that was declined. Then early in the 4th quarter with his team down 27-7, Chad was overthrown on a short post over the middle and immediately started going off on his quarterback. One of the lineman had to push Chad away from Carson, and after Palmer completed the first of three straight passes to T.O., Ocho headed straight to the sidelines in anger. The Enquirer says Marvin Lewis pulled Chad for those plays, but it’s hard to know exactly what happened.

Now don’t get it wrong — Chad was happy to see T.O. have success as we saw in this celebration — but he wanted some love too. Owens addressed the issue after the game saying they need to find a way to get 85 the ball while Carson said the double-coverage played a big role in Chad’s lack of action. I understand Chad’s frustration because he wants to help his team win, but bitching towards the end of the game only makes things worse, and he’s hurting the team when he’s not in the game. He has to have much more composure than that.

Photo Credit: The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger

Carson Palmer Throws Costly Late Game Interception Against Dolphins

The more Cincinnati Bengals games I watch, the more I realize Carson Palmer just isn’t what he used to be.  A former Pro Bowler and top-5 quarterback in the NFL, Palmer has had a lot of trouble protecting the football over the past few seasons.  More specifically, he has never appeared to be the same Carson since he tore his ACL during the playoffs back in 2006.

Palmer’s seventh interception of the 2010 season was a costly one.  The Bengals found themselves trailing the Dolphins 22-14 late in the game Sunday afternoon, but still had a chance to send the game to overtime.  They even got some help from Miami when a roughing the passer call put Cincinnati into Dolphins territory.  Just when it appeared the Bengals had a shot to drive the field and at least give themselves a chance to tie with a touchdown and a two-point conversion, Palmer threw the ball right into the hands of Miami defensive back Sean Smith.  It was the first pick of Smith’s career.

If you add in Terrell Owens’ lucky touchdown catch that should have been an interception, you get a tough day from the Bengals’ leader.  With Chad Ochocinco and T.O., Palmer has plenty of talent to throw to and just hasn’t been able to get it done.  The Bengals now find themselves in a hole with a 2-5 record, and for once we can say a lot of the blame rests on their quarterback’s shoulders.

Bengals Onus Falls on Carson Palmer

The Cincinnati Bengals were 25th in the league out of 32 teams last year in passing yards per game. Although their 10-6 record and AFC North title would suggest they had an excellent season, the Bengals lacked greatly in the air game. Quarterback Carson Palmer only had one 300-yard passing game — week 15 when the Bengals dinked-and-dunked up and down the field in San Diego. Their passing problems were magnified late in the year when the team threw for fewer than 150 yards in five of the final seven weeks (including the playoffs).

Coming off a year where Carson Palmer hurt his elbow and Ryan Fitzpatrick captained the league’s most impotent offense, the Bengals were expected to turn things around drastically. Only things didn’t work out that way. Laveranues Coles was signed to replace T.J. Houshmandzadeh but he never got on the same page with Palmer. Chris Henry provided somewhat of a deep threat but he broke his forearm and then later sadly died. While Chad Ochocinco served as the lone consistent receiving threat, something seemed to be off with the team, and it was more than the just the weakened receiving corps; the Heisman Trophy armed quarterback from USC was the problem.

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Carson Palmer’s Wife Pulls Plug on Ochocinco’s Brokeback Summer

Chad Johnson/Ochocinco whatever you want to call him has enjoyed quite the eventful offseason. He admitted that he didn’t do any conditioning prior to last season, he challenged a media member to a fight, and he said that he and Carson Palmer are on “Brokeback” terms. And in an effort to mend the relationship with his quarterback, Ochocinco said he was going to live with Palmer for the summer. That sounds great from Chad’s perspective, but I always figured some members of the Palmer household wouldn’t be too wild about him crashing their digs. Apparently that’s the case for Carson’s wife:

There’s no way her husband, the Bengals’ quarterback, is going to let Chad Ochocinco, the team’s star wide receiver, crash at their Southern California home in July while the two work out together.

“I told [my wife], ‘Don’t worry. I haven’t made any commitments to having to clear out the boxes in the (spare) room to make a bed for [Chad]. Don’t worry about that. It’s not going to happen.’

“I just told him that unless he’s picking up my mortgage for the month of July and August, he can’t stay. He’s not living for free. I don’t need another kid around the house.”

Yeah, with newborn twins in the casa, why would Carson want to mess around with an even bigger, immature kid? Chad would have the media on the front lawn while doing push-ups. Besides, doesn’t he have his own house and family to take care of? I guess it really just is Chad being Chad.

Carson Palmer Ripping Ohio State Was Cool, Apologizing Was Weak

Given that I’m a Bruin and dislike darn near everything SC (with the exception of a few reasonable Trojan friends and other things), it’s pretty hard to say that I have a favorite Trojan. So I guess if I had a Trojan who I disliked the least, it would probably be Carson Palmer. It’s pretty tough when you have a guy beat on your school like a drum (while you’re a student no less) and pretty much hate him, and then see your favorite NFL team take him with the first pick in the draft and make him the face of their franchise. So no, I don’t like Carson, but I dislike him the least. Keep in mind that in addition to performing like one of the top five QBs in the NFL the last three years, Carson has also done pretty much everything right (with the exception of a few ill-advised hot dog ads) and stuck to saying all the right things from day one. Rather than complain about going to the Bengals, he embraced the opportunity and vowed to turn them around. Rather than rip on Chad for being Ocho Cinco or his teammates for getting arrested, Carson’s pretty much avoided the fray. In addition to maintaining a good image, Carson has a lot of school and Pac-10 pride, both of which I appreciate. So it was pretty cool when Carson Palmer ripped on Ohio State when he joined PMS on KLAC recently:

I cannot stand the Buckeyes and having to live in Ohio and hear those people talk about their team, it drives me absolutely nuts. We got Keith Rivers out there and we got Frostee Rucker, we finally got a couple other ‘SC guys. It’s amazing to hear what those guys think about that university and what they think about that football program and Tressel and all the crap I got to put up with being back there.

“I just can’t wait for two years from now when ‘SC comes to the ‘Shoe and I get to, hopefully have a home game that weekend and I can go out there and watch us pound on them on their own turf and kind of put all the talk to rest, because I’m really getting sick of it. I just can’t wait for this game to get here so they can come to the Coliseum and experience L.A. and get an old fashioned, Pac 10 butt-whooping and go back to the Big Ten.”

Now that I can stand for! Carson’s very much a fan like us who listens to sports radio and watches local sports on TV and gets fired up about his team. Does it get much better than that? And this is the same Carson who ripped Nebraska on The Jim Rome Show before USC ran through them last year. Like I said, always appreciate a guy with a lot of school and Pac-10 pride. Unfortunately just as Carson was racking up all the cool points, he had to go out and issue a statement.

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Carson Palmer Wants Changes in Cincy

palmerThank goodness. As a long suffering fan, it’s nice to hear a player share your thoughts. Carson Palmer is not one to shy away from an interview, nor a difficult question. He speaks his mind and does not back down from what he feels. And recently he talked to the Bengals official site and expressed his thoughts on the team:

Asked if he thought the same coaching staff could turn it from being stale, Palmer said, “I don’t think so,” but he also said he doesn’t know if Lewis will make those changes.

“We need a lot of changes,” said Palmer, who did respond to a question about discipline, a subject he has often discussed.

“When you look at the most successful teams in this league, they’re very disciplined,” Palmer said. “And we’re obviously not one of the most successful teams. I don’t think we’re the most disciplined team and that’s definitely an area we need to improve on.”

Unfortunately, the changes to which Palmer was referring did not include Marvin Lewis. Lewis turned around the franchise but he did it by selling the team’s soul. He went in for a Dennis Erickson-like fix and it wound up biting him in the ass. I’ve called Marvin out as an enabler in the past and would like to see him gone. Regardless of whether or not that happens, it’s great to hear Carson unsatisfied with the way the the season went and harping on the issue of discipline. After all, it becomes hard to win (not to mention embarrassing) when your top weapons can’t even make it on the field because of suspensions for off-field incidents.