Did Chip Kelly discipline Cary Williams after he called Patriots ‘cheaters?’

Cary-Williams-EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams does not like the New England Patriots. When New England and Philadelphia got together for a joint practice last year, Williams was sent to the showers early for fighting. On Friday, the sixth-year veteran was asked about his team’s upcoming practice with the Pats later this month.

“They are cheaters,” Williams said, per CSNPhilly.com’s Geoff Mosher. “They are.”

Williams’ point was that joint practices give opponents a chance to study your playbook. He is especially reluctant to practice with the Patriots, who were infamously caught videotaping opponents’ defensive signals in 2007.

“To me it’s not benefiting us because they’ve already proven who they are (from Spygate), that’s their history,” Williams added. “And I don’t like them, not only because of that, but because I just don’t like them. I played them three of four times in a row [in the playoffs].”

One day after making the comments about New England, Williams was absent from Eagles practice. When asked why he missed Saturday’s session, he claimed Chip Kelly gave him the day off because of “soreness.”

“I’ll be back out there as soon as I can,” Williams said. “Chip understands that I work hard, I try to do everything within the system. Today, he just gave me a day off. It’s not a big deal. [I]t had nothing to do with (the Spygate comments). I haven’t even discussed anything with Chip. I don’t think he’s trying any type of … I’m sure maybe we’ll have a conversation, but I don’t know.”

That didn’t sound too convincing. Not only is Kelly friends with Bill Belichick, but he doesn’t need his team creating distractions after dealing with the whole Riley Cooper incident last summer and the DeSean Jackson drama at the start of the offseason. My guess is Williams was given the day off as a warning.

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Michael Vick on Riley Cooper-Cary Williams fight: ‘These young dudes don’t respect me’

Riley-Cooper-Cary-Williams-fightWhen Riley Cooper and Cary Williams got into a fight at Philadelphia Eagles practice on Thursday, Michael Vick stepped in and tried to prevent the situation from escalating. As the video we posted earlier shows, Cooper walked away and looked like he wanted nothing to do with the scrum. Williams, however, seemed furious.

Cooper insisted that he and Williams had smoothed things over by the time practice ended, but Vick was not happy with his teammates.

“I try to be the peacemaker, but these young dudes don’t respect me,” he told the Philadelphia Daily News, motioning in the direction of Williams. “Our maturity level’s gotta be on a whole different plane. Regardless of who the catalyst was for the whole fight, that doesn’t matter. We’ve gotta be men. We’re not guys who are out on the street, fighting one another. We’re teammates … It’s game week. We don’t have time for that. I don’t. It’s a distraction.”

Vick was clearly upset over the fact that Williams was yelling in his face as he was trying to prevent him from going after Cooper. Despite his checkered past, Vick is the Eagles’ starting quarterback and one of the older guys on the team. He is expected to be a leader and that is exactly what he was trying to be.

DeSean Jackson, who also tried to play peacemaker, echoed Vick’s sentiment.

“You’re dealing with different personalities, different backgrounds,” Jackson said. “At the end of the day, we’re all here to do a job, first and foremost.”

While it’s fun to speculate about whether the fight had to do with Cooper’s racist outburst or not, Vick has a point. Fights are going to happen, but younger players on the team should respect the veteran guys when they step in to handle the situation. That is especially true when the start of the regular season is just days away.

Riley Cooper and Cary Williams reportedly get into fight at practice

Riley-Cooper-Cary-Williams-fightPhiladelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper and cornerback Cary Williams reportedly got into a scuffle during Thursday’s practice. Fights during training camp and practice are nothing out of the ordinary, but they become newsworthy when they involve a player that has teammates who have admitted that they can no longer respect him.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Williams had to be “pulled away” from Cooper after the two tangled with one another during drills. Michael Vick was one of the players who stepped in to separate the two.

McLane added that Cooper looked visibly distraught after the disagreement and opted to stay out of drills involving receivers and defensive backs until DeSean Jackson came over to speak with him. Jackson also reportedly got in Williams’ face and had a conversation with him after the melee.

Again, this will probably end up being a whole lot of nothing. However, most of us have seen the video of Cooper’s racist outburst at a concert earlier this summer which resulted in him taking a leave of absence from the Eagles to seek counseling. Earlier this summer, Williams said he thought there was an “elephant in the room” with Cooper. It will be interesting to see if the incident from July played any role in the fight at practice on Thursday.

UPDATE: CSNPhilly.com shared a video of the fight, which you can see above. Eagles insider Geoff Mosher also added that Cooper said the incident had nothing to do with his racist remark and that the two quickly made amends.

Cary Williams: 49ers are fake tough guys

Cary-Williams-RavensOh no he didn’t! Over the past few years, one of the most popular insults in sports has been calling an opponent a “fake tough guy.” Thanks to Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams the phrase was used once again after America’s biggest sporting event.

The Ravens were able to score points against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, which is something teams had very little success doing during the regular season. After the game, Williams called out the Niners for being phonies.

“The 49ers are pretenders,” he said, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “They’re fake tough guys. They’re a push you in the back type of team.”

There was a lot of chippiness and pushing and shoving throughout the game, but it was the Super Bowl. Rather than talking smack about his opponent and winning without class, Williams probably should have been counting his blessings that he wasn’t ejected after shoving a referee in the first half.

Personally, I’m not a fan of players rubbing salt in the wound after beating a team. The Ravens have done it before as well, with Terrell Suggs unloading on the New England Patriots after the AFC Championship Game. When you beat a team, there isn’t much you have to say. That’s the idea behind letting the play do the talking.

Cary Williams shoves referee, avoids ejection

Cary Williams shoves refereeBaltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams shoved a referee while the teams had a dust-up following Colin Kaepernick’s interception in the second quarter of the Super Bowl. Williams was lucky he avoided an ejection considering making contact with a referee calls for a player to be thrown out of a game immediately.

The interception was the first ever thrown by a San Francisco 49ers quarterback in a Super Bowl. It was the second turnover of the quarter for the 49ers, but it luckily did not lead to any points for Baltimore. The Ravens elected to run a trick play on a fourth-and-nine from the 14, and kicker Justin Tucker was a yard short of gaining a first down.

The Ravens won the game 34-31, and benefited from Williams making some key plays later in the game. They’re lucky he wasn’t ejected.

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Ravens CB Cary Williams: Complaining Dez Bryant needs to ‘be a man’

The stats have come around for Dez Bryant, but the mistakes have not disappeared. Bryant caught eight passes for 105 yards last week in a loss to the Bears but screwed up on a number of routes, one of which led to an easy interception. On Sunday, he posted an impressive 13-catch, 95-yard stat line with two touchdowns but dropped a crucial two-point that would have tied the game and likely forced overtime. After the game, Bryant accused Ravens cornerback Cary Williams of pass interference on the play.

“I felt like it was a P.I. My opinion,” Bryant said according to USA TODAY. “Not saying I couldn’t catch it, because I feel like I can make difficult catches. But I feel like he put his arm around me. I haven’t seen the play yet. But it wasn’t called.”

When told of Bryant’s gripe, Williams called the third-year receiver out for not accepting responsibility for his mistakes.

“I see it as good defense, man,” Williams said. “Dez is a great player, but it wasn’t pass interference. It’s two players going at it. And the referees let it happen. It is what it is, man. I didn’t get my hand in there early, he just needed to catch the ball. I was able to make the play and he didn’t. Kudos to me.

“You’ve just got to be a man and accept responsibility, give credit where credit is due. If it was me I’d say, you know what, he made the play and I didn’t. Bottom line. Don’t complain and look for a flag, man.”

I don’t know if I’d call it good defense from Williams since he was beat on the play and Bryant should have made the catch, but he’s right about Bryant needing to man up. Romo threw the ball perfectly and it hit Dez in the shoulder pad. He should have made the play but didn’t. These things happen, but blaming the refs when they do just makes a player look even worse.