Chad Henne Replaces Injured Chad Pennington

With the Dolphins struggling leading up to Sunday’s game against the Titans, Tony Sparano decided to make a change at quarterback and go with the veteran Chad Pennington over Chad Henne.  It didn’t take long for Henne to get his job back.

Pennington threw two passes before Titans defensive end Dave Ball hit him as he threw, causing him to injure his throwing arm.  Pennington headed to the locker room and Henne resumed his duties as Miami’s quarterback.

Henne had to use a timeout on his first play of the game when the Dolphins’ offense looked confused, causing the fans to immediately boo him.  They ended up scoring a touchdown on the drive, however.

Side note: Don’t feel too sorry for Pennington.  Although it’s unfortunate that he only threw two passes before having to leave the game with an injury, his contract contains a clause that pays him $200,000 for every game he plays in this season.  That means he earned $200,000 today just for taking the field and playing a snap.  Tough life, huh?

Brett Favre vs. Chad Pennington Week 1

Now that Chad Pennington has signed with the Dolphins, the NFL television networks can wet themselves over an ideal storyline in week one: Brett Favre starting against Pennington for Chad’s former team. Moreover, both QBs will be in the exact same spot — only having joined their respective teams a month before the season started. Favre’s going to a team that has stronger personnel, especially considering their off-season acquisitions of Alan Faneca, Calvin Pace, and Kris Jenkins. Pennington’s going to the Dolphins. They were 1-15 last season.

Miami actually must be somewhat excited about the Favre trade because it made Pennington available to them. In case you forgot, Bill Parcells drafted Pennington in the first round back when he was with the Jets. And you knew the Dolphins couldn’t be satisfied with the likes of Josh McCown as leading them into week one. Thing is, this Brett Favre deal has certainly had quite the ripple effect. Pennington gets pushed out of NY and into Miami, and now it looks like John Beck might be out the door in South Beach. Remember, it was only last year that the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn to select and the combination of Ted Ginn and Beck in the draft. It’s either Beck or Paul Bunyan who’s done in Miami, because there’s no way they cut second round pick Chad Henne, is there?

Jets Flip Coin to Determine Quarterback

That’s how you know you’re in bad shape. In a perfect world, your starting quarterback is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and you don’t have to worry about any competitions. But the reality for most NFL teams is that they’re trying to improve at the position and find the right man for the job. The New York Jets are no different, so when they opened up organized team activities, they flipped a coin to determine the starter.

“Chad called heads and I thought I had a good chance because I’m a guy that generally calls tails,” Kellen Clemens said Thursday after the Jets’ third OTA session, but first open to the media. “It was heads all the way.”

So Chad got first cracks at the job, I guess. We’ll see how long he hangs onto it. Pennington got yanked last year because of his struggles, and Kellen Clemens didn’t do a whole lot better. At least the team won three games with Clemens at QB — they only one once with Pennington at the helm — against the lowly 1-15 Dolphins. I guess the team is screwed either way, but with Pennington, they’re proper screwed. I’m guessing Clemens will emerge. And Mangini reportedly blew the whistle on coordinator Brian Schottenheimer for rigging the coin flip. Just what I heard.