Chandler Parsons hanging out with Kendall Jenner?

Kendall-JennerIs Chandler Parsons the next professional athlete to get involved with the Kardashian clan? According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Parsons was spotted having dinner with Kendall Jenner on Saturday night.

A person who was at STK Steakhouse in Los Angeles told the Post that Parsons and Jenner sat next to each other and were flirting with one another. They were also joined by Kendall’s sister Kylie and two other friends.

“Kendall and Chandler were flirting throughout the meal,” Page Six’s source said. “They laughed and chatted all night.”

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Kendall and Kylie were in Dallas last week promoting their new fashion line, and Parsons recently signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks. They must be dating!

Just kidding. We don’t know if they are or not, but we know any time a young, attractive celebrity hangs out with a young, attractive athlete it’s a story. For what it’s worth, Kendall is 18. Parsons is 25.

Chandler Parsons offended by James Harden’s cornerstone comments

Chandler Parsons RocketsIf the rivalry between the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks weren’t already strong enough, it just got even more interesting following Chandler Parsons signing with Dallas and the war of words that ensued.

First off, let’s start with Parsons, who says he was offended by Houston’s public search for a “third star” when he felt he was the guy who could complement Dwight Howard and James Harden. Then you have Howard, who said Parsons’ departure would not affect the team.

And the latest comes from Harden, who said he and Howard are the real key pieces for the Rockets, and that the rest of the pieces are more insignificant.

“Dwight (Howard) and I are the cornerstones of the Rockets,” Harden said in comments to The Philippine Star. “The rest of the guys are role players or pieces that complete our team. We’ve lost some pieces and added some pieces. I think we’ll be fine next season.”

That comment from Harden was in reference to the team losing Parsons, Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin this offseason.

Lin was not offended by the comments.

“I agree (with Harden),” Lin said Thursday via Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. “He didn’t mean that in any derogatory way. He and Dwight are the cornerstones of the Rockets.”

Parsons, however, did not take the remarks well.

“That’s a pretty ridiculous statement, if he meant that,” Parsons said in an interview with Jay Mohr. “And that’s part of the reason why I wanted to go to Dallas. I’m ready for the next step, I’m ready for a bigger role and I’m ready for more leadership. If anybody should understand it should be James, because he was in same situation in Oklahoma City and then he got the chance to come to Houston and shine.”

Parsons does say he has a lot of respect for the Rockets and that there are no hard feelings. He also appreciates that the team let him out of his contract a year early to get that restricted free agent money.

Are Howard and Harden right about their comments? Obviously Houston didn’t feel Parsons was a necessity, otherwise they would have matched his contract. They were off pursuing bigger things like Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony. We’ll learn in time whether the Rockets made a mistake by letting Parsons go, but I think they made the correct choice. Dallas gave him too much money.

Chandler Parsons ‘offended’ by way Rockets treated him in free agency

Chandler-Parsons-RocketsChandler Parsons is glad that the Houston Rockets ultimately chose to not match the offer he received from the Dallas Mavericks. While Mark Cuban was partying with Parsons and treating him like a top priority, the Rockets were out looking to see if they could do better. That did not sit well with the former Florida star.

On Monday, Parsons told Yahoo Sports that he was “offended” by the way the Rockets treated him in free agency.

“Honestly, I was offended by the whole process,” he said. “They publicly said that they were going out looking for a third star when I thought they had one right in front of them. I guess that’s just how they viewed me as a player. I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface of where I can be as a player and I think I’m ready for that role.”

The Rockets were looking to shed the salary cap space needed to sign Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James. They would not have been able to keep Parsons if they signed one of the aforementioned superstars, which means Parsons wasn’t their first, second, or third option.

Rather than matching the Mavericks’ offer of three years and $46 million, Houston let Parsons walk and signed Trevor Ariza to a three-year, $32 million deal.

“You can’t knock them for always trying to get better,” Parsons added. “[Houston general manager] Daryl Morey is very aggressive, is a genius, a great GM and I have nothing but respect for those guys. And they are looking to make their team better. That’s what they were doing. I just thought I could be that guy that could do that.”

On one hand, you could argue that the Rockets did Parsons a favor by opting out of the final year of his contract, which would have paid him south of $1 million. That allowed the 25-year-old, who averaged 16.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game last season, to make more money now. Despite that, Parsons said he is upset he was misled.

“Throughout the whole process they pretty much told me they were going to match everything,” he said. “I understand it’s a business. I understand they had to do what they thought was best for their organization. It definitely caught me off-guard a little bit.”

In the end, it probably worked out. Parsons should want to play where he is wanted more, which is obviously in Dallas. An average annual salary of $15 million is just fine for a player of his caliber.

Mark Cuban partied with Chandler Parsons after signing him to offer sheet


There are not many owners in the NBA who can relate to players like Mark Cuban can. Like many professional athletes, Cuban came from nothing and earned himself a fortune. The way Cuban went about signing Chandler Parsons to an offer sheet on Wednesday night is another example of why he’s an awesome boss.

Several people who were at the same club as Cuban and Parsons posted photos on social media. Cuban literally brought the offer sheet with him to the club and then stuck around for a good time. Fansided passed along some of the tweets that show first-hand accounts of how it went down. They contain some NSFW language. The one from Chandler’s mom (@sadie1532) does not:

Parsons also shared his thoughts at the end of the night.

The three-year offer sheet is reportedly worth more than $45 million. The Houston Rockets have 72 hours to match it, but doing so would not leave them with money to make a run at free agents like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. After the night he had with Cuban, I’m sure Parsons is crossing his fingers the Rockets don’t match.

H/T Jimmy Traina’s The Big Buzz

Chandler Parsons: LeBron James will leave Heat next year

LeBron James trophiesLeBron James will likely opt out of his current contract this summer, but most people assume he is going to remain with the Miami Heat. Chandler Parsons isn’t most people.

If the Heat go on to lose to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, Parsons believes LeBron will opt out and sign elsewhere. Considering he was talking like the Heat have already lost, the Houston Rockets forward seems pretty certain that LeBron’s days in Miami are numbered.

“I think if they would have won the championship it would have been a different story and they would have come back to do it again, but he’s got so much responsibility,” Parsons said during an appearance on ESPN’s Sports Nation. “He’s obviously one of the best players if not the best player … so I think them losing will make him make a move and opt out and you’ll see him in a different jersey next year.”

Optimists would tell you that the Heat still have a chance to win their third straight title, but given the way the Spurs have dominated them that seems highly unlikely. Parsons, who is expected to become a restricted free agent, could have simply been trying to stir the pot.

“I just don’t think he’ll be back with the Heat,” Parsons added. “I think he’s done all he can do there and I think it’s time for him to move on.”

For further evidence that Parsons was just looking to get people talking, he also said he could envision LeBron going back to Cleveland.

Personally, I don’t see why James would leave. Pat Riley has shown he can put winning teams together, and there is already talk about Carmelo Anthony potentially going to Miami. Why would LeBron risk having to basically start over in the middle of his career? If he stays with the Heat, he can continue build his own legacy.

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Rockets will reportedly let Chandler Parsons become restricted free agent

Chandler ParsonsThe Houston Rockets will reportedly decline the fourth-year option on Chandler Parsons’ contract, making him a restricted free agent this summer. While it may seem bizarre that the team would choose not to pay a player like Parsons $960,000 for the final year of his deal, there are a number of factors at play for the Rockets.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Rockets are determined to clear as much cap space as they can so they can pursue a third max-contract free agent to join Dwight Howard and James Harden. Targets could include Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. The possibility of a sign-and-trade for Kevin Love also exists.

If the Rockets ultimately plan to keep Parsons, this could allow them to sign him to a more team-friendly long-term deal than they would have gotten if he became an unrestricted free agent after the 2014-2015 season. This way, Parsons may be more excited — for lack of a better term — about negotiating since he will be earning far more money in 2014-2015 than he would have if Houston picked up his option.

Parsons averaged 16.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game this past season. He has improved dramatically in each of his first three NBA seasons, and he’ll likely command a contract with an average annual value of more than $10 million. Should the Rockets decide he is worth that much money to them, they can match any offer that comes his way. This gives them more leverage and a better chance to keep him long-term.

Chandler Parsons got in car accident; woman who hit him wanted autograph

Chandler ParsonsChandler Parsons was able to play on Monday night despite recovering from minor injuries he suffered last week and getting into a car accident on his way to the game. The Houston Rockets forward, who ended up scoring 21 points and grabbing seven rebounds in a win over the San Antonio Spurs, was reportedly struck by a woman who ran a red light.

Parsons told Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle that the collision happened outside the Toyota Center. He also said the woman asked for a souvenir.

“She said she ran a red light and it was her fault,” Parsons explained. “She had a little car so it kind of messed up the front bumper of my car. She was OK. Asked me to sign her insurance card.”

The woman was apparently not rattled to the point where she didn’t know who Chandler Parsons is, so she must be a pretty big Rockets fan. It takes guts to ask for someone’s autograph after running a red light and crashing into them. I can’t figure out if I respect that move or not. Yeah, I think it’s a power move.