Reggie and Cheryl Miller Show Off Their Dance Moves

Thursday night on TNT was a pretty special night for several reasons. First up, the Magic came back from down 16 to beat the Celtics with Dwight Howard serving as an asset in the final quarter. After that game, the Suns came back to beat the Mavericks in Phoenix. Despite being down most of the game, the bench stepped up in the fourth to catapult the Suns into the lead, scoring 19 of their 28 points that quarter while disgruntled star Amare Stoudemire rode the pine. The result was that the Suns snapped their infamous TNT losing streak which had reached 18 games. The post game show was interesting as always but it was the dance moves of the Miller siblings that stole the show. Here’s the video:

The second portion of the video was a shortened clip from Miller dancing in the NBA TV studio earlier in the week. I definitely recognized the robot in there but can’t quite identify what the other moves were. Ditto for Reggie although his shoulder shake was pretty funny. What’s the lesson to be learned: always assume the cameras are rolling because anything you do could wind up on YouTube and then on some dumbasses’ blog.

Remind Me to Never Piss off Cheryl Miller

Now I know why Reggie Miller was such a clutch player throughout his career. It’s pretty obvious that if you lived in the Miller household, there was no room for error. Check out Cheryl Miller take fellow NBA TV analyst Scot Pollard to task for being late to their studio show. It doesn’t get more uncomfortable than this …

I’m guessing that she regrets handling Pollard on-air like this. She should have kept things in-house and done that all behind the scenes. Man, now we know what it’s like to have been her teammate back in the day. Wouldn’t want to have missed a shot under her watch.