The Gronkowski brothers are pitching an animated series called ‘The Gronks’ (Video)

Rob-Gronkowski-cartoonI honestly don’t even know where to begin with this. Deadspin got a hold of a three-minute video clip on Tuesday that revealed that Rob Gronkowski and his brothers are shopping an animated TV show around Hollywood. The five brothers — Rob, Gordy Jr., Chris, Dan and Glenn would be turned into cartoon characters along with their old man Gordy (aka Papa Gronk) and their adventures would be based on events from their real lives.

And oh man, are there plenty of television-worthy events.

Where should we begin? There’s that time Rob, a “trouble maker” in school, once sent his teacher an email telling her to “suck his d—.” Or how about the time one or more of the brothers took some Viagra at a pool party just to “walk around the pool party where 1,000 people are with a semi-boner?”

How can a network not buy this? The only beef I have with the show is that I don’t understand why it has to be a cartoon. I’d much rather see a reality TV show involving the Gronkowski brothers and their wrestling matches in Las Vegas or shirtless partying. Altough, this is probably a better way to do it that will allow them to not be distracted from their NFL careers.

Chris Gronkowski says he’ll try to light up brother Rob if he gets the chance

There must have been a lot of broken furniture and bruised thighs in the Gronkowski household 10-15 years ago. Rob, Dan and Chris Gronkowski all play in the NFL. Three members of the same family playing in the NFL is extremely rare, let alone three from the same generation. Since all three of the Gronkowski brothers who play in the NFL are offensive players, they rarely get a chance to line up against one another. Chris, the Broncos fullback, is hoping that changes on Sunday.

If both Rob and Chris find themselves on special teams this weekend, Chris intends to send little brother a message.

“It’s going to be crazy when we finally step on the field together,” Chris told Tim Graham of The Buffalo News. “I might get a chance to go against him on kickoff.

“We always talk about how I’m going to drill him. He says he’s going to lay me out. What’s really going to happen is we’re probably not even going to have the chance to block each other. But I’ll still try to light him up if I get a chance.”

Rob may be the most successful and popular NFL star of the trio, but he’s still the youngest. And the youngest always catches the beat down, so my money’s on Chris if the two do wind up going head-to-head. Rob may be more athletic and hang out with more porn stars, but nobody wants to let their litte bro get the best of them.